Lord Of The Rings Toys For Sale

lord of the rings toys for sale
    for sale
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This is about 1/10000th of my toy and comic collection (yes, there are books mixed in here). We're downsizing around here, and having a huge garage sale in April along with both my sisters. So far, the garage is exploding with stuff we are going to get rid of. But now comes the big choice. What do I do with all my toys and comics? I barely look at them anymore; they are from a part of my life that no longer exists and I no longer want to be reminded of. I would feel bad getting rid of all the Gaiman stuff, but, sad to say, my enjoyment of all of this has been destroyed by the memories attached to it. I know, grow up. Move on. I try, but if you don't know me and what I speak of, you don't know how much all this crap was entwined in my life back then and what it all represents. There are definitely some things I will keep, like the Lord of the Rings stuff, and Gir and his house and maybe a few Sandman comics, but the bulk of it has to go. Sad, but....this is the way I move on.
The one and only... the true "Queen of the Skies" (2)
The one and only... the true "Queen of the Skies" (2)
No matter what, the 747 will remain, forever and ever, as the most magnificent and extraordinary airplane ever built... the one and only "Queen of the Skies". Non stop from vibrant Madrid, we can see Pullmantur Air?s Boeing 747-446, on finals for runway 3D at Cancun International Airport. The aircraft, with registration EC-LNA, was originally manufactured for Japan Airlines in 1992. At the beach in "Wet and Wild", Cancun, state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Nikon D2x + Sigma 50-500 1:4-6.3 APO DG HSM @ 500mm; ISO 140 @ 1/1000 with f/8.0 and tripod used. (RAW)

lord of the rings toys for sale
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