Welcome !

Bioinformatics and Statistical Genomics Group at UNIST is led by Prof. Dougu Nam.

Research interests :

(1) Developing mathematical/statistical models, algorithms and software for analyzing high-throughput genome data

(2) Identifying molecular markers and their functional networks that are associated with disease

To this aim, we analyze microarrays (gene expression, SNP, miRNA, and methylation) and other omics data in an integrative manner. 

In particular, we develop and make use of 

   gene set analysis methods to identify robust pathway-based signatures and regulatory networks, 

   robust clustering algorithms to classify subtypes of disease and reverse-engineer the intracellular networks of RNAs and proteins. 

Machine learning algorithms such as Hidden Markov model and Support Vector Machine for sequence classification are also of our interest.

Current Projects

1. Biclustering analysis for regulatory networks of transcription factors and miRNAs
2. Differential expression and gene-set analysis of RNA-seq data
3. Novel GWAS data analysis methods

Please, contact me at dougnam@unist.ac.kr .