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Principal Investigator
Dr. Dougu Nam 남덕우
Assistant Professor
School of Nano-Bioscience and Chemical Engineering
& Graduate School of Natural Science (Applied Mathematics),
UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)
T. +82-52-217-2525
'96    Seoul National University, Math. Edu. B.S.
'98    KAIST, Applied Math (Probability), M.S.
'02. 8 KAIST, Applied Math (Probability), Ph.D.
Research Experience
Senior Researcher, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Senior Researcher (Principal Investigator), National Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Research Interests
(1) Developing mathematical/statistical models, algorithms and software for analyzing high-throughput genome data
(2) Identifying molecular markers and their functional networks that are associated with disease
To this aim, we analyze microarrays (gene expression, SNP, miRNA, and methylation) and other omics data in an integrative manner. In particular, we develop and make use of gene set analysis methods to identify robust pathway-based signatures and regulatory networks, develop robust clustering algorithms to classify subtypes of disease and reverse-engineer the intracellular networks of RNAs and proteins. Machine learning algorithms such as hidden Markov model and support vector machine for sequence classification are also of our interest.
Graduate students
Sora Yoon, 
Hyung Goo Kang
Jin-Hwan Kim
Open Positions !!
Graduate students
Multiple positions are open to whom with a background of mathematics/statistics, computer science, or biology.
Students with (1) an aspiration to solve important scientific problems to contribute to human health and (2) good programming skills in Java/C(++), R/MATLAB, or Python/Perl are particularly solicited.
Currently, not available
Please, contact me at dougnam@unist.ac.kr .
Academic Service
Review Editorial Board for <<Frontiers in Systems Biology>>
 Associate Editor for <<BMC Research Notes>>

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Probability & Stochastic Processes
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