Big Thumbs Rent-A-Car Ventures provides premium car rental service. They serve those in Penang and Langkawi Island in Malaysia. Their main offices are located at Plaza Ivory, as well as the Langkawi Mall. 

Our company has a solid reputation and we provide excellent customer service. We are known for our airport pickup and drop-off services. This is why our clients choose to do business with us over our competitors in Malaysia.

Since we have a strong organization, it allows us to offer high quality services to entice customers. We have a strong commitment to provide our clients with great services. This is evident when you see how many different rentals we have available. 

We have hundreds of reviews from customers praising our service. This makes us want to continue providing excellent service. If you want to visit the top tourist destinations throughout Langkawi or Penang, then rent a car from us. 

Why You Should Rent A Car In Penang

Public transportation in the are isn't too reliable. Not only that, but you don't get to experience much via public transportation. Furthermore, it's easy to spend a lot of money on taxi fare.

It's better to rent a car. You can easily get to tourist attractions and to and from your hotel in a rental car. Our company offers luxury car services at budget rates, which means you can explore the whole island in style, but without spending too much money.

Why Rent A Car In Langkawi

The island has many tourist attractions. Before you even go to the island, you should book a car rental. By doing this, you will be able to drive to destinations on your own time. 

Rates for car rentals vary, but it is affordable. This is especially considering how much you can spend on hotel rooms, resorts and things of that nature. Also, car rental rates are quite affordable when compared to taxi fares. 

Thousands of people visit Langkawi, which means waiting for a taxi can take a long time. Renting a car allows you to avoid long lines. All you do is show up, get your car and then you can drive to your next destination. 

Not only do you get to drive to gorgeous sites when you have a rent a car, but you can use our guide service. This mans you don't have to worry about getting lost. You can use trunks as storage space, which means there's no need to worry about your luggage getting stolen or lost.