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Recipes Cooking Chicken

recipes cooking chicken
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Bootlegged Chicken Recipe, Attempt #1, OR, How I Change Recipes
Bootlegged Chicken Recipe, Attempt #1, OR, How I Change Recipes
I am pretty sure I wrote this down from a Martha Stewart Living magazine, but I can't say for certain. The idea is: coat some chicken pieces in a chili-free green curry paste, lay atop a bed of carrots and onions, pour equal parts coconut milk and carrot juice over the whole thing and bake it. How did it turn out? Good enough to try again, but flawed enough to have to severely overhaul. Problems: 1) Curry paste was generally borked. Was too coarse, had too much green onion and too little ginger. Easily remedied by blending and tweaking. Still a good paste, at least to start from. 2) Instructions say to leave carrots whole but halved lengthwise. This is for aesthetic reasons only and since the carrots were as long as our plates, made eating them silly. Easily remedied by cutting carrots up. 3) Carrot juice and coconut milk sauce super tasty but also super mild. Remedied by adding a healthy glug of fish sauce, extra ginger, salt and a dash of sugar. Still needed something to brighten it. Will add either tamarind paste or just a squeeze of fresh lime next time. 4) Whole method of cooking is awkward. Instructions say to cook the carrots and onion with 1/2 of the liquid mix for 12 minutes, then to lay the chicken on top, add the second 1/2 of the liquid and bake until chicken is done. Then, remove chicken and veg, move liquid to stove top and reduce until thickened (as an aside: the carrot juice and coconut milk also separate when heated together for a long time, which tastes fine but looks pretty questionable - a dash of corn starch helps to re-emulsify it). This is 10 kinds of wrong, and while I had a first instinct to do it differently, I was a little too uncomfortable (it's 90+ degrees around here and we don't have AC) to make executive decisions. Right now, I think that next time I will reduce the liquid down in a saucepan while the carrots, onion and chicken (that has been marinating in the curry paste for at least two hours) are cut to small pieces and sauteed in a pan. They'll then get thrown into the reduced, thickened liquid and served as a proper curry over rice. So! An updated recipe and photos next time I make this.
Chicken Anilé (Spicy chicken with coconut and soy sauce)
Chicken Anilé (Spicy chicken with coconut and soy sauce)
This was an experiment (hence the pompous name, which you should promptly disregard) that actually ended up tasting good. Here's how you can make it : Stage I ----------- 1. Cut chicken into small pieces and marinate it in soy sauce. Use just enough sauce to cover all the pieces well. 2. Finely chop 1 big (the onions I can buy here are really big) onion. 3. Put a couple of teaspoons of oil in a big pan and fry approx. 1 cup of dessicated coconut until it's a dark shade of brown. Don't burn it. 4. Scrape the coconut to one side and put another 3 teaspoons of oil in the same pan and fry the onions until they are a deep shade of brown. Put a tablespoon of coriander powder and two tablespoons of Garam Masala and fry some more. Oh yes, add some ginger paste or some finely chopped fresh ginger. 5. At this point I added two teaspoons of chilli powder, mixed it well and took the pan off the flame. (Don't attempt to fry chilli powder for more than a few seconds else you'll end up with the whole house smelling of chilli.) 6. Put this whole fried mixture in a mixer, add a cup of water and grind it until it becomes a nice thick (and slightly coarse) paste. This will be our spicy gravy. Stage II ------------- 7. Wait until the chicken has marinated for at least half an hour (An hour would be good - that's what I used). 8. Now use the same pan as before and put around a cup of finely diced tomatoes (or just use tomato gravy), and put in the spicy gravy we just created. Put the lid of the pan and let it simmer on a medium heat for 10 minutes. Add a tad of water if it feels too thick or dry. 9. Add some salt (to taste) 10. Put in the marinated chicken along with the broth and any soy sauce in the container. 11. Close the lid of the pan and let it cook for 10-15 minutes on a low-medium heat. Again, add a tad of water if it looks too dry. 12. At this point I added a dash of Shiraz for some weird reason. It didn't hurt the taste though I'm not sure if it helped either. 13. I also added a dash of lemon juice. Cannot hurt. 14. Add some cilantro on top to make it look good and professional. Stage III ------------- 15. Eat with steamed white rice. Yum.

recipes cooking chicken
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