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C Is For Cookie Video

c is for cookie video
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March 26th, 2010
March 26th, 2010
Chilled for a tiny bit w/ Jennie, Joanne, & Lil Bryan @ South Courts after school today. Laughed @ some kid doing a ridiculous turn in the the parking lot then Lil Bryan & I went to his house to get some things. Met up w/ Chris, Patricia, James, Duck, Jimmy, Nithiwat, & Anna @ Pepe's & chilled there for a bit. Then went to Chris' to play some MVC2 & get some stuff off the internet for tonight. After, Lil Byran & I went to Kay's to meet up w/ Jennie, Kay, Jimmy, Brandon, Anhtuan, & Sally to plan out Joanne's Birthday Dinner tonight. Decided on Young Dong Tofu House, picked up Joanne, then left for the restaurant. Food was delicious, as expected. ;D. haha. Ate like 4 plates of salad b/c people foolishly didn't want theirs. hahaha. Shared a combination Beef Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef) & Beef Tofu w/ Lil Bryan; delicious. :D. After we went to the Albertson's next door & played around. Joanne found this little monkey that sang her happy birthday & was holding a candle where its dick was. LOL. We bought a fudge cookie/brownie in one batter mix & cookies n' cream ice cream then went to Lil Bryan's to make homemade Pizzokies, which came out delicious. :]. Made tons of videos on facebook, alot did get uploaded. haha. Joanne was acting drunk & violent b/c it was the latest she's ever been out. LOL! So we packed the back of Kay's Honda Civic Coupe w/ too much booty & all went home. haha.
amaya makes cookies
amaya makes cookies
It was raining all day, making cookies was just one of our fun tasks of a cabin fever day. Amaya helped me wash and hang clothes (mettre, mettre she says “put, put” as she hangs up towels, change the sheets, scrub jeans in the bathtub (wash, wash she says commanding me over my shoulder), dump out the fireplace ashes (c’est lourde, c’est sale “its heavy its dirty” she says and points as I lug the old cauldron to the back area), we had two quick walks when the rain settled (outside, il faut froid, it’s cold she says), gave kangie a bath (il est sale he is dirty she says), wrapped up presents (donne, donne give me give me she says), and sewed on patches to clothes (boo boo jeans she says and puts a butterfly sticker on my knee). We also danced to Elvis and other oldies that I could tune in on the radio in her room, we, peeled off sparkly stickers from her advent calendar and put them all over the house, we jumped on the bed, tickled and did belly farts on each other, we colored a lot especially on packages ready for the post (all your gifts will have the valuable Amaya scribble all over the package), we shared a kiwi and a tangerine (she peeled it and threw the peels in the fire), we also fried sliced potatoes on the fire and ate them right out of the pan blowing on them with our mouths open, and here, in this video we made cookies for daddy.

c is for cookie video
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