Found Rockets - 4/18/2015

Post date: Jun 22, 2014 5:34:09 PM

In October the Wizard flown by Henry LeFever was found. It had been damaged. One fin was missing and the body tube had gotten wet and warped badly.

On April 18th, the rocket flown by Brett Coles was found by Ben Staal; well, at least the motor was found. The motor was partially sticking out of the ground. The rest of the rocket appears to be embedded into the ground below the motor. Ben returned the motor to Steve Shannon. Hopefully Ben will be able to find the impact site again so we can use a shovel to recover the rest of the rocket's remains, although in our experience little will be usable.

On Saturday, June 21st, 2014 two flyers were unable to locate their rockets. We assume both rockets returned to earth, but nobody actually saw either of these two rockets during their descents. Anybody who finds either of these rockets is urged to contact Steve Shannon at (406) 490-7855.

nd heard the apogee deployment charge. Steve Shannon saw a flash of reflected light from the rocket shortly after apogee, but only one glint. After that nobody saw the rocket. The rockets also contained a tracking device but Brett did not receive a signal from it after the rocket was launched. The rocket is 5 feet long and 2 inches in diameter with small fins. It contains an Aerotech reloadable motor case and two parachutes. The color is blue. A photograph is attached.The second lost rocket belongs to Henry LeFever of Billings. It's a blue Estes

Brett Coles, from Blackfoot, Idaho, launched a rocket as his Level 1 Tripoli Certification flight. The rocket was wired for dual deployment and at least one person on the grou

Brett Cole's Eagle (next to a younger Brett)

Wizard, which is a slim model rocket which Henry flew with a streamer. The rocket canted slightly upon takeoff and because of its size and velocity was difficult to see.