As long as we can't fly, why not buy?

Post date: Jul 27, 2015 2:58:01 AM

Bridles and blankets 1
Some of the webbing and Walston Systems Mike has for sale.

Mike Whorley came to our site several years ago and set the altitude record of 32,000 feet AGL while successfully flying his Level 3 certification flight with a Mongoose 98 and an N-2000 motor. Things changes and Mike has some other opportunities right now that require some immediate cash. So, he's interested in selling off the Mongoose and motor case as well as a bunch of other stuff. He needs $1,500 for it all, plus shipping or he can deliver to Dickinson, North Dakota. That's a great price for any of you needing any of these things. You may want to join with other members of BSRA to buy these.

Here's the list he sent me:

98 mm Mongoose with 60 inch booster complete with Aerotech motor case for N2000, recovery chutes and CD3 CO2 ejection system. 54 mm 4 in. unbuilt fiberglass Darkstar 2 Walston Retrieval Systems receivers and three long range transmitters Assorted Kevlar blankets Assorted Kevlar strap Assorted Kevlar rope Assorted nylon strap 7 Assorted smaller shutes 2 new 4 in. fireballs 1 new fruity chutes cfc 96 (Steve's note: this is a very cool half torus parachute that's very efficient) 1 parachute slider 2 boxes full of 3 and 4 inch tubes and couplers.