2015 - Launch Calendar

Post date: Feb 25, 2015 4:39:14 AM

The launch dates for 2015 are as follows:

April 18 - NAR Launch Insurance,

May 16 - TRA Launch Insurance - Canceled due to extreme likelihood of rain, wind, lightning, boils, and pestilence,

June 20 - NAR Launch Insurance,

July 18 - TRA Launch Insurance (Canceled - fire restrictions),

August 15 - NAR Launch Insurance (Canceled - fire restrictions),

September 19 - TRA Launch Insurance (Canceled - fire restrictions),

October 17 - NAR Launch Insurance, and

November 7 - TRA Launch Insurance. (Canceled - too cold. This may be rescheduled.)

With the exception of November, all dates are the third Saturday in the month. I scheduled the November launch earlier, but left a little time after the previous launch to take care of household chores and earn our ways back to the rocket range!

Edited 3/31/2015 to indicate which launch insurance covers the launch. A few years back Tripoli began requesting that we designate launch insurance. We have a choice of designating an entire launch season at once (i.e. All NAR or all TRA) or designating for specific dates. This year I designated alternating launch dates. This allows us to include TRA Research Activities on those dates, including research motors for those Tripoli members who are L2 or above. Rule changes by TRA and NAR now allow NAR members who do not belong to Tripoli, to launch at TRA launches even if research motors are flown, but members who belong only to NAR and not to TRA, may not make or fly research motors.