2020 Launch Schedule

After three months of low moisture and warmer than usual temperatures, Big Sky Rocketry Association has cancelled the October launch due to fire danger. We hope to be able to fly in November.

Tripoli Rocketry Association has left it to the judgement of local Prefects whether to launch rockets or not. The Governor of Montana has approved some activities that do not involve large groups and close contact between people from different households. We believe we can follow the guidelines and safely fly some rockets while observing all recommended social distancing guidelines.

All BSRA launches will be held at the Twin Bridges launch site.

All launches will follow the Tripoli Safety Codes and the site is covered by Tripoli insurance for these launches. Members are urged to join Tripoli or NAR to obtain insurance as well. High Power flyers must belong to an organization which provides insurance coverage and must be appropriately certified.

With the permission of the Tripoli Prefect, any launch can be reconfigured as a Tripoli Research Launch.

March 28 - Twin Bridges - Canceled due to COVID-19 shutdown.April 18 - Twin Bridges - Canceled due to COVID-19 shutdown.

SPUD-ROC - May 2 - 3: Tripoli Idaho

May 16 - Twin Bridges - Nice launch with 6 certifications and 14 flights!

June 13 - Twin Bridges - Nice Launch on the 20th due to wind.

July 11 - Twin Bridges - Beautiful Launch!

LDRS - July 30 - Aug 2: Bonneville Salt Flats, UT - CANCELLED

August 15 - Twin Bridges - Cancelled due to fire danger!

September 12 - Twin Bridges - Cancelled due to fire danger!

BALLS - Sept 25 - 27: Black Rock Desert, NV - CANCELLED due to group size limits.

Birds of Prey - Oct 3: Tripoli Idaho

October 17 - Twin Bridges - Cancelled due to fire danger!

November 7 - Twin Bridges