Welcome to the USPC Big Sky Region! We are located primarily in the state of Montana, and also includes part of the
state of Idaho.

The Big Sky Region was created in in 1986 in the Bitterroot Valley. Today, our region is currently composed of six pony clubs, one riding center and two horsemasters group, with over 100 members between all eight clubs, centers and groups. These clubs, centers and groups can be found in Hamilton, MT; Missoula, MT; Kalispell, MT; Bozeman, MT; Billings, MT; and Moscow, ID. 

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The Big Sky Region has had a great first half of 2015!

In February, 14 members of BSR clubs and centers came together in Missoula, MT for the BSR Senior Retreat. USPC National Examiner Heather Bell guided these members in their prep work for the coming year. Each member was assigned a topic to teach to the group and Heather help guide each presentation and add to the discussion. Thank you to Jude and Mark Monson for chaperoning, cooking and organizing from the ground for Molly and Alex!

In April, Palouse Hills Pony Club and Hellgate Canyon Pony Club teamed up to host the BSR Qualifying Quiz Rally in Missoula! The BSR had a great turnout for the day and and productive regional meeting to follow. Thank you to Jude Monson and Todd Kimsey for all their hard work in pulling quiz off!

At the end of May, White Aspen Riding Center in Billings, MT hosted the BSR Combined Test Rally at their beautiful facility. Members competed in Dressage and/or Show Jumping. Much was learned by all! Kudos to Emily Luoma-Brester for her time and dedication in planning and executing rally!

On June 18, BSR held its first C level testing of the year at White Aspen Riding Center in Billings. Both C-Level candidates, Mattie Auch (Beartooth Pony Club) and Becca Skoric (Five Valleys Pony Club) passed their C- level dressage testings under USPC National Examiner Sali Gear! Congratulations, ladies!

On June 19th and 20th, National Examiner Sali Gear held a clinic for Pony Club and non-Pony Club members. Sali has a unique teaching style, incorporating lunging and hands-free grid work to encourage a stable core and base of support to promote the partnership between horse and rider.

The weekend in Billings was wrapped up with a Standards and Certifications clinic to educate members, parents, officers and volunteers on what examiners are looking for at each testing level.

A big thank you to Emily Luoma-Brester for providing the facility, to Linda and Mattie Auch for being the ground support crew for Alex and to Stacy Dietz for housing Sali!

Sali then hopped in the car and drove to Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, MT for BSR Camp!

The week started off with the second BSR C-Level testing. Results are forth coming!

RIC Molly Rennie put together a fantastic week with 59 participants, 70 horses, 8 instructors and 6 rides each day! Whew!! Sali Gear was joined by National Examiners Natalie Shaw and Molly Rennie. Joining the NE team were regional instructors Tahra Roberts, Brittney Trowbridge, Stephanie Kappas, and Sarah Stanton. Washington State dressage Instructor Amanda Lamp also joined the team! On the ground, equine massage therapist Jane Heath provided camp participants with basic massage techniques for their equine partners. Also on the ground, horsemaster members and C level PC members helped in teaching unmounted topics to all camp participants. Participants also enjoyed swimming at Foys Lake, shopping trips to the local tack store, cross country schooling at Rebecca Farm and Herron Park and of course, access to the beautiful facility that is Rebecca Farm. A HUGE thank you to Sarah and Jerome Broussard for allowing the BSR to use your wonderful facility for the 4th year in a row! A huge thanks goes out to Palouse Hills Pony Club for the amazing food provided for the participants, instructors, parents and volunteers! The week wrapped up with another Standards & Certs clinic! Thank you to Molly for organizing such a great week! Well done!!

As we look toward the next 6 months, the BSR will be sending several participants to USPC Championships West in Woodside, California in August. Clubs and centers will be holding fun activities and D-level testing for their members and members will look toward outside-of-Pony-Club clinics and competitions. Here is to the rest of 2015!

The BSR had a very successful and productive Fall Meeting in Butte on November 8th!

2015 BSR Officers:
Regional Supervisor (RS): Jim Swain
Vice Regional Supervisor (VRS): Sarah Stanton
Secretary/ Treasurer: Rhonda Berglund
Regional Instructor Coordinators (RIC): Molly Rennie & Alex Ambelang
Horse Management Officer (HMO): Tahra Roberts

Regional Event Dates:
  • Clubs Need to have their preferences for Regional Rally to RS (Jim) by January 1st
  • Intent to Rate for National (HB & Above) Testings Due to RS (Jim)- January 10th- form available on BSR website
  • Senior Retreat Application Due to Molly Rennie- January 14th
  • BSR Senior Retreat (Location TBD- w/ Heather Bell)- February 13th-15th- Contact Molly Rennie for more information
  • BSR Qualifying Quiz Rally (Missoula)- April 18th (Contact PHPC for more information)
  • BSR Spring Meeting (Missoula)- April 18th (Contact Jim & Rhonda for more information)
  • BSR C & Above Prep (Location TBD- w/ Natalie Shaw)- May 8th- 10th- Contact Molly Rennie for more information
  • BSR Qualifying Rally (Location & Discipline TBD)- May 22nd-25th
  • BSR Camp East (Billings, MT- w/ Sali Gear)- June 17th-20th- Contact Molly & Alex for more information
  • BSR Camp West (Rebecca Farm- Kalispell, MT- w/ Sali Gear & Molly Rennie) - June 21st-26th- Contact Molly & Alex for more information
    BSR Non-Qualifying Rally (Location TBD, Tet or Games): July 10th-12th or July 17th-19th- Contact BSR YB for more information

Other Notes:
  • The BSR Youth Board is a go! Please email Alex & Molly with your clubs nominees by January 1st so we can set up a meeting and get some goals for the board!
  • Jim will be drafting a new version of regional policies and will present them at the Spring Meeting
  • Please remember that Alex will no longer be updating club websites. Please have an officer, parent or member of your club contact Alex to get editing access and directions.
  • It was voted on that each club and center will donate $200.00 to the region by the 2015 Fall meeting as a fundraiser for the region.
  • Quiz Assignments are as follows:
    • Organization: PHPC
    • Food: FVPC
    • Barn: HCPC
    • Classroom: WARC
    • Written Test: SCPC
    • Stations: GPC
    • Mega Room: BTPC

More updates are forthcoming! Thank you all for your support of BSR! Its looking to be a great 2015!

BSR had a great summer!

We had a very successful regional camp again this year at Rebecca Farm. Pony Clubbers and Horsemasters alike had a wonderful time with National Examiners Sali Gear and Terri Rocovich and supporting instructors Molly Rennie, Tahra Roberts, Brittney Trowbridge and Alex Ambelang. We had 48 participants this year, including members from Inland Empire and Northwest Regions!

The weekend before camp, the BSR held a C1/C2 testing. Olav Stanton and Kassidy Woody from PHPC both passed their C1 Traditionals and Becca Skoric from BTPC passed her C2 Horse Management testing! Congrats guys!

Less than a month later, Olav Stanton, Kassidy Woody, Tory Powell, and Morgan Kelly traveled to Lexington, KY to participate in USPC National Championships and Festival. All three had a wonderful time! Olav placed first in his age group and his team took top honors as well in Tetrathlon! Kassidy had a wonderful learning experience in the Show Jumping discipline. Tory's team was the highest place scramble team in the Quiz discipline. Morgan represented the BSR as a Stable Manager for a scramble Eventing Team.

In August, RIC Alex Ambelang sent out an updated list of club level instructors and what club and center members should be helping with safety checks, unmounted and mounted lessons. Please read over the list and contact Alex with any questions.

The BSR Fall Meeting will be held on Saturday, November 8th at the Best Western Hotel in Butte, MT. Each club is expected to send at least one representative to the meeting to deliver their club or center's annual report and to be present for election of officers and selection of dates for 2015 regional activities.

Hoping you all had a great summer full of riding and summer fun!

The BSR had another busy month! The Tetrathlon and Show Jumping Rallies held over Memorial Day weekend were both a great success. Pony Clubbers and Horsemasters alike had lots of fun and learned a lot too. Thank you to Todd Kimsey and Lisa Kelly for working so hard to organize these two rallies!

The next BSR event in Regional Camp at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, June 23rd-27th. We had 48 participants in camp this year with 6 instructors! Its going to be an exciting, learning filled week!

The BSR has had a busy month! the C1/C2 Prep was held outside Missoula on April 25th-26th. We had 7 participants for mounted and unmounted sessions. Lots of progress was made in riding, evaluations and bandaging! Great job to all! Participants included:

Alex P. (HCPC)
Percy M. (HCPC)
Kaddie W. (HCPC)
Katie K. (HCPC)
Olav S. (PHPC)
Kassidy W. (PHPC)
Taylor B. (FVPC)

What a successful weekend for the Big Sky Region!

We started off Saturday, April 12th, with Regional Quiz Rally. We had nearly 50 Pony Clubbers from across the state compete in this rally. We were also thrilled to welcome our new Center members from Billings at their first rally! Palouse Hills PC did a wonderful job of organizing all aspects of quiz (especially for their first time!) and we are so appreciative of all their hard work, time and planning!

Individual Results:
Junior D
    1st: Kate S.- HCPC
    2nd: Kaddie W.- HCPC & Mercury C. - GPC
    3rd: Ashlee S. - SCPC
Senior D
    1st- Tory P.- FVPC
    2nd- Taylor B.- FVPC
    3rd- Micci M. - WARC

Team Results
Junior D
    1st: Team Dartmor: Julia L. (FVPC), Zoe S. (FVPC), Arianna C. (GPC), Mercury C. (GPC)
    2nd: Team Hackney: Kaddie W. (HCPC), Emi G. (FVPC), Josie M. (FVPC), Abby B. (SCPC)
    3rd: Team Fjord: Belle H. (FVPC), Ella G. (GPC), Rileigh S. (GPC), Kate S. (HCPC)
Senior D
    1st: Team Appaloosa: Tory P. (FVPC), Percy M. (HCPC), Morgan K. (GPC)
    2nd: Team Oldenburg: Taylor B. (FVPC), Olav S. (PHPC), Kassidy W. (PHPC), Emily W. (PHPC)
    3rd: Team Thoroughbred: Micci M. (WARC), Marcella M. (WARC), Emma H. (WARC), Lilly P. (WARC)

In the evening, the regional council along with DCs and CAs gathered together at the Comfort Inn for the Spring Regional Meeting. We made light work of the agenda in under three hours! All clubs and centers are having successful spring seasons and are looking forward to riding more as the weather gets nicer. Complete meeting minutes are forthcoming.

Important Notes:
  • BSR Camp dates have been moved back by one day due to date conflicts with a Hunter Jumper Show at Rebecca Farm. The move-in day will be on Monday, June 23rd. Riding will be all day Tuesday June 24th thru Friday, June 27th. Registration forms will be coming out after C1/C2 Prep and before May 1st.
  • All clubs and centers need to review and revise their policies and have a final ready to present and have signed by the RS at the Regional Fall Meeting. Please contact Jim and reference the USPC Website for help and information.
  • Tet and SJ rally are both a go. Palouse Hills and Glacier will have registration information out soon. We will need a minimum of 30 riders in order to make either rally possible.

On Sunday, we all gathered at Susan and Brian Troth's beautiful facility for the regional horse management seminar. Regional HMO Maggie Howley did an excellent job of presenting and organizing information as well as providing great food and drinks and had great supporting presenters. We had a great turn out and much was learned by all!

Onward to Spring! Looking forward to Prep, Rally and Camp! Happy Riding!

We had a very successful BSR Senior Retreat last weekend at the Butcher's home outside of Bozeman. NE Heather Bell was a joy to have for the weekend and much was learned by all.

Thank you to all who attended:

BTPC: Becca S.
FVPC: Alex A., Kat R., Tory P., Taylor B.
HCPC: Alex P., Percy M.
SCPC: Hanna B., Schuyler G., Jennifer H., Nadia H.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Quiz in April!

The BSR had great representation at the USPC Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. Thank you to following for attending and participating:

BTPC: Maggie H.
Wendy L., Leslie N., Rhonda B., Alex A., Sarah N., Julia L., Debbie B., Taylor B.
GPC: Lisa & Morgan K.
HCPC: Chan C.
PHPC: Todd K., Sarah & Olav S.
SCPC: Anne & Hanna B.

Lots was learned by all and it is going to be a bright year for USPC & BSR!

We had a very successful BSR Fall Meeting today! Lots of activities were planned and lots of progress was made!

Announcing the BSR 2014 Regional Council!
Regional Supervisor (RS): Jim Swain
Vice Regional Supervisor (VRS): Char Harmon
Vice Regional Supervisor (VRS): Jennifer Wicks
Secretary/Treasurer: Rhonda Berglund
Horse Management Officer (HMO): Maggie Howley
Regional Instructor Coordinator (RIC): Alex Ambelang

BSR 2014 Regional Fundraiser:
The Big Sky Region will be selling homemade lotions made by Debbie Barcus from FVPC. These lotions are all natural and come in a variety of scents and sizes. Each club has committed to sell at least $100.00 worth of lotion.

BSR 2014 Calendar:
April 12: BSR Quiz Rally (Qualifier) & Regional Spring Meeting- Bozeman, MT- Contact Palouse Hills
April 13: BSR Horse Management Seminar- Bozeman, MT- Contact Maggie Howley
April 26-27: BSR C1-C2 Prep- Missoula, MT- Contact Alex Ambelang
May 23-26: BSR Mega Rally- Tet & SJ (Qualifiers)- Missoula, MT- Contact Palouse Hills
June 22-27: BSR Camp w/ NEs Sali Gear & Terri Rocovich- Kalispell, MT- Contact Alex Ambelang
July 14-23: USPC Festival- Lexington, KY
August: BSR Open Show- Date & Location TBA

*BSR 2013 Highlights*

Daniel Stewart Clinic- over 20 participants

BSR Volunteers at The Event @ Rebecca Farm: Olivia Livoni, Tory Powell, Sarah Krenke, Morgan Kelly, Olav Stanton, Hanna Butcher

BSR Officers/Members competing at The Event @ Rebecca Farm: Molly Rennie (RIC) at novice. Alex Ambelang (FVPC) at Prelim & Novice.

USPC Midwest Championships: BSR Senior D Team- 2nd Place Overall. BSR Junior D Team: 1st place overall.

HA/HB National Testing: 2 HA candidates & 1 HB candidate. 1 HA & 1 HB passed.

BSR Camp 2013
37 Campers- 10 of which horsemasters
National Examiners Sali Gear & Terri Rocovich
Regular Instructors: Molly Rennie, Brittney Trowbridge, Alex Ambelang, Sarah Stanton and Sarah Broussard
2 mounted lessons per day. 2 unmounted lessons per day. 1 guest speaker each night

BSR Quiz 2013 Official Results:

Junior D Teams
1st: Team 4 (Shelby S., Collette F., Sarah N., Marcella M.)
2nd: Team 3 (Percy M., Schuyler G., Mikleann R., Aysia C.)
3rd: Team 2 (Katie K., Hayley N., Josie M., Julia L.)

Senior D Teams
1st: Team 2 (Sarah K., Kaddie W., West E., Cheyenne L.)
2nd: Team 1 (Tory P., Taylor B., Morgan K., Hanna B.)

Junior D Individuals

1st: Sarah N. - D1- FVPC
2nd: Schuyler G. - D1- SCPC
3rd: Julia L. - D1- FVPC

Senior D Individuals
1st: Cheyenne L. - D1- GPC
2nd: Morgan K. - D2- GPC
3rd: Tory P. - D3 HM- FVPC

All-around High Point: Cheyenne L. - D1- Glacier Pony Club

The BSR would like to recognize the successes of former BSR  and FVPC Pony Clubber, Macy Anne Carman.

Macy went to school at Hollins University nearly 4 years ago in Virginia. Since she started college, she has had great success inside and outside the horse world. Macy has been working for eventer Michael Pollard for the past two years, with highlights including being head groom for Michael at the Boekelo Three Star event in Holland. She currently rides one of Michael's horses, Wonderful Will.

 For the past two years, Macy has served on the National Youth Board for USPC, serving 2011 as Vice Chair and 2012 as Chair. She is currently sitting of the Board of Governors of USPC until her term is up in 2014.

Macy spent the spring of 2012 in a study abroad program in London, England, where she continued her involvement with the NYB and the British Pony Club. Now in her senior year at Hollins, Macy has applied to graduate school for architecture. She has already been accepted to Columbia! She hopes to pursue a career in the building of environmentally friendly barns.

It was such a joy to see Macy and catch up with her at the USPC Annual Meeting in Denver this past weekend. She represents everything that USPC strives to create in their members and the Big Sky Region could not be prouder to have such a fantastic representative and alumni.

Good Luck in all your future endeavors, Macy! We are all so proud of you!

*BSR 2012 Highlights*

The Big Sky Region would like to congratulate the following members on their national level recognitions!
Alex Ambelang of Five Valleys Pony Club on her selection as the new National Youth Board Representative for Area 1 (Alaska, Big Sky, Inland Empire, Northwest, and Oregon Regions) for the next two years. She will also serve as Vice Chair of the National Youth Board for 2013.

Hayley Brumwell of Hellgate Canyon Pony Club for her selection as the National Youth Congress Representative for the Big Sky Region at the 2013 USPC Annual Meeting in Denver.

The Big Sky Region would like to congratulate members on their National Certification Achievements!
Alex Ambelang, of Five Valleys Pony Club, achieved her B Traditional Certification, making her an HA TRAD.
Hayley Brumwell, of Hellgate Canyon Pony Club, achieved her HB Certification, making her an HB/C1 TRAD.

The Big Sky Region would also like to congratulate their Championships West 2012 Teams!
The Quiz Team placed 4th in the Junior D Division!
Championships 2012 Quiz Team Members:

Taylor Barcus, D2, Five Valleys Pony Club
West Eyer, D2, Five Valleys Pony Club
Kaddie Weimer, D2, Hellgate Canyon Pony Club
Hanna Butcher, D2, Beartooth Pony Club

The Big Sky Region/Oregon Region Tetrathalon Team placed 1st!
Championships 2012 Tetrathalon Team Members:

Briana McCall, C2, Palouse Hills Pony Club
Kim Lawrence, C2, Palouse Hills Pony Club

The Big Sky Region would also like to recognize the following members who competed/completed
several USEA events this season!

Alex Ambelang & Fen Cera (FVPC): Arrowhead HT (Training), Rebecca Farm (Training), Stanton Farms HT (Prelim)
Molly Rennie & Commandant RF (BSR RIC): Arrowhead HT (Novice), Rebecca Farm (Novice), Stanton Farms HT (Novice)
Hayley Brumwell & Sundown Blues (HCPC): Arrowhead HT (Beginner Novice), Stanton Farms HT (Beginner Novice)