Showing is a great way to track the outcomes of a breeding program, as well as a social occasion (for us and the alpacas!)  

Click on the links below to see our results for that particular show.

2016 Shows

Sydney Royal 2016    Toowoomba Royal    Grafton Colourbration    Murwillumbah    Royal Qld Show

2015 Shows

Royal Queensland

2014 Shows

2013 Shows

Toowoomba Royal    Grafton Colourbration    New England Show  Royal Queensland Show

Gold Coast Show    Charles Ledger Show

2012 Shows

Gold Coast Show    Charles Ledger Show

2011 Shows

Bathurst Royal Show     Grafton Show        Ipswich Show    Royal Queensland Show

Gold Coast Show

2010 Shows

Focus on the Future Fleece    Royal Toowoomba    Grafton    Ipswich    Sunshine Coast   

Royal Queensland    Gold Coast Show    National Show & Sale (Tamworth)

2009 Shows

Toowoomba Royal   Grafton   Ipswich   Sunshine Coast   Royal Queensland   Gold Coast

2008 Shows

Royal Queensland         Ipswich        Grafton        Toowoomba Royal

2007 Shows

National Show & Sale    Royal Queensland    Sunshine Coast    Ipswich