Haw Chuan Lim (林 浩 川)

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC. My hosts and co-advisors are Drs Mike Braun and Rob Fleischer. My research at the Smithsonian Institution uses sequence capture, genotyping-by-sequencing and next-generation sequencing to decipher phylogeographic and population genomic patterns of birds and their pathogens.

Research Interest
At its core, my research interest lies in determining how geography, ecology and history interact to create, maintain, and distribute biological diversity. The specific fields in which I have carried out research include: landscape ecology, habitat selection, statistical phylogeography, environmental niche modeling, and population genetics. Most of my field work is conducted in tropical Southeast Asia.

I am from Malaysia and attended high school in Singapore. I got my bachelor's degree (B.Env.Sc.) from the University of Wollongong, Australia. After working in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve for a couple years, I joined Navjot Sodhi's lab in the National University of Singapore for my master's. * Big Forest River is the literal translation of my name, as written in Han characters - though in Chinese, it sounds much more "poetic".

At Tasik (Lake) Kenyir, with a friendly local (Great Hornbill).

Mailing Address
Laboratories of Analytical Biology 
Natural History Building 
10th & Constitution Aves. NW 
Washington, DC 20560-0188

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News and happenings

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 BioGenomics Feb 21-23 2007 Washington, DC
First of its kind conference on Biodiversity Genomics
Link to abstract of Red Siskin population genomics talk
Dr. Ashley Egan (NMNH, Botany) with our poster "Assessing genomic diversity via whole genome resequencing in bean cultivars (Phaseolus L. spp.) from Brazil, a putative secondary center of diversity"

  Peer-led bioinformatics series (Fall '16: 10/13-12/15)
We are in our third season, this time focusing on R to perform 
bioinformatic and other tasks. Topics for this series includes:
Introductory R
Assessing MCMC convergence (RWTY, etc)
Working with phylogenetic trees
Loops, repetitive tasks and file manipulation
Population genetic analysis (Adegenet, etc)
Data wrangling and plotting (tidyverse, data.table, etc)
Working with spatial data (eg rgdal, rgeos, etc)

Check this github site for slides and videos. Thanks to all presenters!

NSF-funded Manakin Genomics RCN (13-16 Aug 2016) meeting held at Smithsonian Environmental Research Center concluded recently

Paper on making high-quality genotype calls using historical DNA out in the Sequence Capture Special Issue of Molecular Ecology Resources

Natural History Research Experiences (NSF REU site) intern Elizabeth Reardon successfully completed her internship on "Phylogeographic analysis of mitogenomes of five Tropical Asian bird species". Congratulations!
Other than conducting bioinformatics analyses (eg, mapping reads to reference mitogenomes, partitioning data, conducting Bayesian and ML analyses), she participated in an outreach program, presented her poster to the whole museum, etc.
Elizabeth presenting her project at Q?rius

PNAS paper on Nosema bombi - a bumble bee fungal parasite - is out! Altmetric score = 87 (May '16)

Brazilian intern working on environmental niche modeling and morphological evolution of a group of nectarivores (Arachnothera)
Carolina Ferreira, a summer undergraduate intern from the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, measures bill length of spiderhunters

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