Team Partners

The Big Ring Flyers are fortunate to have a number of companies and individuals who support the team financially and though discounted products for team members.

Each contributes to the overall success of the team on the road and in the dirt.

Here’s a list of our team sponsors/partners with links to their products, we can’t thank them enough for standing behind us.

Most links are active, please click on logos for more information about our partners:

Chilkoot Café and Cyclery features a full service café specializing in high quality food and baked goods made from scratch. All our coffee is roasted in house allowing us to always serve the freshest cup. We strive to use local, sustainable and organic ingredients whenever possible. We are also a full service bike shop focused in customer first service for retail, repair and fitting. We sell a wide range of bikes and are committed to getting our clients on the right bike at the right price with a great fit.

Since 1989 we have been known for extraordinary authentic Italian cuisine, Mama Maria’s features delicious homemade recipes made with only the very finest and freshest ingredients. Located in North Hudson, Wisconsin—only 3 miles north of Interstate 94—Mama Maria’s takes the time and care to always prepare every meal perfectly! The restaurant is decorated with hand painted artwork throughout. When you dine at Mama Maria’s, you will not only enjoy the taste of authentic Italian cuisine, you will also enjoy the ambiance and attention to every detail that will make your dining experience one that you long remember!

 In 1985 Rudy Barbazza created Rudy Project with the firm conviction to improve the performance of athletes all over the world.

A love of progress, a passion for style and a keen eye for quality all contributed to give life to his Vision: the world’s most technologically advanced sports eyewear.
Rudy Project works in cooperation with athletes from all fields, listening to what they want and need.

Rudy Project never stops researching to find the latest and best materials available to realize cutting-edge products.

Technically Cool: the two words that can best sum up this Vision; the two words that best express the DNA of each and every design carrying the brand Rudy Project.

Widely regarded as the bike industry's leading innovator with game-changing technologies, Cannondale and its handcrafted bicycles continue to be recognized by organizations from both inside and outside the industry including:

Many of the ideas that keep Cannondale products on the cutting edge come from the sponsored athletes on the company's professional racing teams. The feedback provided by the company's riders, combined with Cannondale's best-in-class production processes, fuel a near constant stream of both new innovations and improvements to existing products.With a laser focus on a rider-first mentality, we push our employees, our dealers and the bike industry. These refinements aren't limited to the company's competitive road racing and mountain bikes, however; the insights gained through racing, coupled with Cannondale's quest for constant improvement, have also benefited the company's wide array of lightweight recreational bikes as well as its lines of state-of-the-art cycling apparel and parts & accessories.


At Skratch Labs our mission is to provide people with the inspiration, life skills, and products to take better care of themselves and their families.

It’s a mission based on the understanding that taking care of oneself and those we love isn’t always easy. But that’s okay, because the way we see it, there’s nothing more satisfying and grounding than putting in the time, care, and effort to solve life’s challenges.

This perspective – solving problems and delaying gratification without losing sight of the present – is at the heart of the community events, blogs, cookbooks, and all-natural nutrition products that makes up the sometimes hard to define mishmash of activity here at Skratch Labs.Like most things in life, we’re figuring it out as we go. That said, a few things are clear – that food and drink are better when made from scratch and that no matter where we find ourselves in life, that it’s never too late to start from scratch.

DeFeet Has Done It Differently Since Day One.

At the age of four, Shane Cooper arrived in the United States from England. His father distributed knitting machines. In the late 1960's, there was a lot of knitting happening in the Eastern United States. Shane grew up around knitting machines, but he was always more interested in bicycles and music. It wasn't until the early 1990's that Shane decided to turn his attention entirely toward knitting. He embarked on an entirely new way to knit socks. He found it, and he was able to create sock designs the world had never seen.

DeFeet was born in 1992. The first product was a totally customizable, open mesh weave airflow sock. The world's top endurance athletes took notice immediately. The characteristics of those early designs are evident throughout the DeFeet line, today. Elegant, simple, useful and built to last.

There is less knitting, less manufacturing altogether, in the USA now than when Shane's father emigrated. DeFeet will not be joining the outsourcing movement that has become altogether too easy for companies in the United States. To us, that move is like paying someone else to play your music for you. DeFeet is the band, and we will play our own music, thank you. No one else can make our stuff better than we can. Harvard MBA's have told us it's not smart to build a business the way we have. They tell us we can profit more without getting our hands dirty with manufacturing. They say we should source cheap product and mark it up dramatically. That's ok. They can join the long list of brands that do it their way. To us, that would be a hollow existence.

Most of all, we are appreciative of our customers. Retailers and consumers that care as much as we do. We celebrate those that recognize companies like DeFeet. Organizations that go the extra thousand miles or so to stay in the USA and build things. Companies that attract employees with useful skillsets who want to put them to use and always improve. We salute you. You are the ones operating at a higher level. You have shown us that our products will find their place in the hands of those who recognize the highest standards and always strive for the best.


Founded in 1997 by Chris Jackson, an avid cyclist and Nordic skier, Borah Teamwear has quickly become one of the leading custom sports apparel companies in North America. Starting out with the development of one style of mountain bike shorts, to selling thousands of custom items, Borah has always stood by our mission, “never giving the customer an excuse to go anywhere else.” Today, Borah employs a team of apparel enthusiasts and manufactures one hundred percent of our product line in our Wisconsin, USA factory. By maintaining total control of the manufacturing process, we are able to ensure each and every customer the luxury of a high quality, USA made product, delivered on-time as expected.

Based in the scenic “Coulee Region” of Southwestern Wisconsin, Borah Teamwear and its product development team have access to thousands of miles of pristine road riding and mountain bike trails. Borah also has a “Northwoods Office,” one mile from the famous American Birkebeiner Ski trail, which serves as the perfect venue for our Nordic ski division. Borah uses these testing grounds to determine that its clothing performs above and beyond customer expectations. Extensive research, fabric testing and pattern adjustments are standard protocol before releasing anything to market, and believe us, it’s a daily routine! Borah also has a “no shortcuts philosophy,” which truly defines our business. It means doing things the right way, not the easy way.

Borah Teamwear is green too, really green if you think about it. By producing our products in the US (the number one thing an apparel company can do in our opinion), we substantially reduce our carbon footprint, not to mention our contribution to the local and national economy. We also recycle thousands of pounds of paper every year, use water based inks, and incorporate many green practices into our daily routine.

Creating a “positive and healthy work environment” is also at the top of our list. That’s why we do things like Tai Chi Thursdays, paid exercise time and other healthy initiatives to make sure we take the best care of our valued employees.

It is our hope that you can feel as good about purchasing our products as we do about making them.

Happy Trails,
The Borah Team

 Hed Cycling is a manufacturer of premium quality bicycle wheels and components. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Hed prides itself on being privately owned, US-operated, and with most manufacturing and assembling done in their own US factory.

Founded in the mid-1980's by Steve Hed, the company continues to embody his design philosophy even after his tragic passing in 2014. Known as True Speed, this mantra encapsulates a theme of bringing every rider the best possible, most reliable, fastest, and most well-rounded cycling products. While other component manufacturers might hone in on one or two areas of performance that they deem important, Hed truly takes a "No stone unturned" approach, so riders can achieve their goals – whether that's the next World Championship title, or simply to ride around town with more confidence and fun.

Steve Hed is credited with bringing aerodynamic disc wheels to the masses in the 1980's, when the only alternatives were ridiculously heavy or outlandishly expensive. Other key innovations and patents include establishing the "Torroidal" rim shape, aerodynamic recumbent wheels, carbon fiber aerobars, multiple aerodynamic hydration systems, and the ground-breaking C2 and C2 Plus wide rim technologies.

Hed Cycling is a company that values quality and happy customers over unbridled growth or protecting the bottom line. We look forward to the opportunity of you considering Hed for your next cycling purchase.

Barley John's

Barley John's started when Laura asked John, then an enthusiastic home brewer, if there are brown ales, red ales, even blond ales—why not a brunette ale? With that spark, John developed his signature wild rice brown ale, the Wild Brunette. Before long, he had to expand his home brew setup because friends were drinking all his beer, eventually opening a beloved neighborhood brew pub. When demand there outgrew supply, the full brewery and tap room in Wisconsin was the next logical step.