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Welcome to BRDP, LLC. Where we strive to meet your needs in the 21st century through innovative shopping solutions to our online shopping portal by Market Making your product purchasing that much easier for your lifestyle. We help you make the right choices for your lifestyle not just because it's on sale!

Our consultants are here to give you the rich and famous treatment at a budget friendly price. Why not treat your self like royalty today?

About BRDP, LLC.

Big Rev D Productions was founded in 2005 originally operating as Davis Computer Services Consultants. DCSC serviced the needs of it's customers by providing innovative computing solutions at a price people could afford. Today BRDP expands upon the original vision by providing state of the art shopping solutions and products through our partner companies and personal in touch relationships with our clientele. We want our clients from the modest budget to the biggest spender to have their own concierge on traveling the information super highway.

BRDP, LLC. is a privately held company headquartered in Baltimore, MD and headed by founders Michael and Candace Davis. We are a small business with a big business vision.

Company CORE Values:

An Honest approach to business.

Respect for our clients, providers, and venders.

Diligence in handling the needs of who we serve.

Quality products and services that you can depend on.

A "if we say it, we do it!" approach

Setting a positive example in the business community.

and lastly meeting your needs in the 21st century.


Services & Solutions

Personal Consultant

In home/office consulting providing solutions for your technical and lifestyle needs.

In Home Technical Installation/Support

We come to you and install that big screen you just purchased. Show you how to use the remote and make sure that every bell and whistle is working the way your want it.

Other Services include:

building/maintenance/repair of PC hardware

Residential Networking Solutions

Software installation, update and removal

malware search and destroy

Shop Our Mall Without Walls

Why spend time searching for parking just to find yourself being in a stampede of mad shoppers to search for one item that someone has just grabbed; because you were 4 seconds to late? At our online Mall provided by Market America We have the solution to shoppers anxiety. So don't leave the couch pick up the mouse and shop to your hearts content.

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BRDP, LLC and by: Candace Davis
are an Independent Distributor of:

Personal Courier and Transportation Service

Spending time in traffic is not the way business gets done unless that is your business. Why not leave the delivery of your mail/commodities to us. We provide local delivery services in
and around the greater Baltimore/Washington corridor.

BDRP, LLC. is an Independent Contractor of:

Falcon Express Transportation, Inc.
Headquartered in: Beltsville, MD

Personalized Web Design Setup and Management Solutions

Make yourself, your church, your business or what ever you have up your sleeve known with our easy solution to web design. We offer an inexpensive approach to getting your name known.

Web Services include:
Domain Purchasing and Management
Procuring suitable host services
updating and maintaining web content
creative design using today's technology and software solutions and much more.

We also offer exclusive desktop publishing solutions for your small business, church, or community organization at a fraction of the cost of going to the BIG guys.

Personal Lifestyle Coaching

With eating right and daily excersize. You can lose weight the right way and know that your feeding your body the necessary nutrients to keep that body in shape.

Through the innovative Market America Product Providing a comprehensive plan to compliment your lifestyle with the right combination of food, nutrients and coaching. You will result in a healthier leaner You!

Transitions Lifestyle Solutions is a Product of

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3612 Eldorado Ave, Suite 8B
Baltimore MD 21207

Phone: 301.740.4426


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