Big O Tire Locations

big o tire locations
  • A particular place or position
  • The action or process of placing someone or something in a particular position
  • An actual place or natural setting in which a film or broadcast is made, as distinct from a simulation in a studio
  • (location) localization: a determination of the place where something is; "he got a good fix on the target"
  • (location) placement: the act of putting something in a certain place
  • (location) a point or extent in space
    big o
  • The Big O is a centerless Ferris wheel in Tokyo Dome City. . It is the first centerless Ferris wheel in history and, as of 2006, the largest one in the world at 60 m (196 ft. 9 in.) in diameter. Tokyo's largest roller coaster, the Thunder Dolphin, shoots through the hoop at 130 km/h (80 mph).
  • The Big O is a music album recorded by Roy Orbison for London Records in the United Kingdom with the music and backing vocals by the "Art Movement." The album was released in Europe in early 1970.
  • Conductor; so named from first initial in Order of Railway Conductors. Sometimes called big ox and less complimentary terms
  • Cause to feel in need of rest or sleep; weary
  • Lose interest in; become bored with
  • lose interest or become bored with something or somebody; "I'm so tired of your mother and her complaints about my food"
  • exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress; "We wore ourselves out on this hike"
  • Become in need of rest or sleep; grow weary
  • hoop that covers a wheel; "automobile tires are usually made of rubber and filled with compressed air"

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116-365 (Press L for large / Presiona L para ampliar)
I have said it a couple of times , and I will say it again , the more I get into this Strobist stuff , the more respect I got for the "big Ones" As a Strobist apprentice I am learning the hard way that is not just having the right equipment , but getting the right light , the right exposure , the right location , it's also watching out for fuckers who are out @ night and some are up to no good , so you always have to be alert and ready for anything Today I was struggling finding a Location , so what do you do when your friend says , hey there is this place but is dark , has no lights , and you can not really take too much time shooting , well you say fuck yeah , let's do this , and then try your best , and hope to get a better shot tomorrow I am still learning , and boy . . . Strobist life it ain't easy ___________________ He comentado varias veces , y lo vuelvo a decir , entre mas me clavo en esta cosa de lo Strobist , mas tengo respeto por los "Grandes" Como un aprendiz d strobist q soy , me dado cuenta d chingazo q no es solo tener el equipo adecuado , sino tener una buena locacion , buena exposicion , buena luz , etc , tambien tienes q estar trucha d los cabrones q salen d noche a hacer maldades y desmadre , tienes q siermpre estar bien al tiro y estar al tiro pa lo q se presente Hoy no tenia una locacion y andaba batallando decidiendo donde tomar mi flicka , asi q q haces cuando un compa te dice q el sabe d un lugar obscuro , chingon , y q no te puedes tardar mucho tirando pues no hay permiso ?? pos te avientas con el corazon esperando q te salga bien , y pones todo tu poco o mucho conocimiento para q quede mas o menos Sigo aprendiendo , y dejenme decirles q la vida d Strobist . . . es dificil , no esta pelada ** Strobist info : SB800 1/16 with diffuser cap , on a Apollo Softbox , 8ft from subject (camera right) 4ft high SB600 1/16 naked , camera left 8 ft from subject bounced off ceiling Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 @ 18mm Nikon D300 : ISO 560 - 1/90 RF-602 Triggers
Smiley face.
Smiley face.
I've been making friends, recently! :O Both in real life, and on here. I started a new album. So, somewhat like a Summer countdown, but more like towards school. I CAN wait until school starts. I don't really want it to start. This year coming up is going to be a tough one. SAT's, ACT's, and Grad testing. Gawsh. So much stuff in one yeaaar. Today, I went to the Lake agaaain. (: It was the same body of water, but not the same location. They have like, 3 areas where people can go and swim. We went to the second prettiest one. The other day, we went to the ugliest one. Ughhh. I wanted to go Galt's Ferry. See, the thingg is, we went there, BUT by the time we got there it was too late. The parking lot was full, and there was no more parking available. =[ So sad. But we still went to the Lake. You will not believe how tan I am! Before I even went, I thought I was tan. As soon as we were about to leave (because it started to get cloudy), I looked at my shirt line and I was SO red. I'm red. It kind of hurts too, haha. It's 8:1O P.M. and usually people would be getting ready for their fourth of July celebration. It's raining, and we DON'T get to celebrate this day with fireworks. We didn't buy any, anyways... My cousin did though. She bought the big $1OO.OO pack, with the retail value of $35O.OO. SUPPOSEDLY that's how much it costs. ;p I feel so dry and ashy, and I still have to go do P9OX Yoga. My face is very red. I'm tired, and sleepy, and I just want to sleep. I'm gonna get this work-out over with, and then come back onto my lovely friends on flickr, and comment on people's pictures. (: I swear, I type too much. You don't have to read this, hahah. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Independence day, America. (: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I wanted to join a theme club thing, but it's too late. :/ Ends on the 31st, and was started on the 1st. Gah. I'M ALWAYS LATE FOR EVERYTHING. >:|

big o tire locations
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