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dunlop tyres abu dhabi
    dunlop tyres
  • Dunlop Tyres is a British company owned 75% by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and 25% by Sumitomo Rubber Industries, which sells Dunlop branded road tyres in succession to the Dunlop Rubber Company.
    abu dhabi
  • The capital of this state; pop. 242,975. It is also the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates
  • a sheikhdom of eastern Arabia and capital of the United Arab Emirates
  • The largest of the seven member states of the United Arab Emirates, lying between Oman and the Gulf coast; pop. 670,125. The former sheikhdom joined the federation of the United Arab Emirates in 1971
  • Abu Dhabi, officially the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, (????? ??? ??? , literally "father of gazelle"), is one of seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the largest emirate by area (67,340 km?), and second-largest by population (after Dubai),. World Gazetteer.
  • (Abu Dhabi’s) The ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) Submission Wrestling World Championship was created by Sheik Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nayan, son of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, former president of the United Arab Emirates, on suggestion of Renzo and Royler Gracie, and after Sheik Tahnoon Bin

The Materials Department, Dunlop Tyres UK Ltd, Fort Dunlop, Birmingham 04/01/2000
The Materials Department, Dunlop Tyres UK Ltd, Fort Dunlop, Birmingham 04/01/2000
This is part of the Compounds Laboratory at Dunlop Tyres in Birmingham. This room was microscopy, most often for the assessment of carbon black dispersion in rubber compounds. I worked in the tyre industry for a total of eighteen years, starting my career at Dunlop Tyres UK Ltd (formerly SP Tyres UK Ltd) at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham. I left Dunlop at the end of January 2000, following the closure of the Materials Department where I worked developing rubber compounds for car tyres. Most of those who worked in the department were made redundant at the end of 1999, following the takeover of the company by Goodyear. The redundancies were announced in October 1999, and those affected left at the end of that year. I was given a job in the factory but left at the end of January 2000.
Just visible in the back ground is the five or six crates of spares I took to Dubai to support our invited round of the fledgling championship out there. Frightning to think that only five years later we took about ?200k worth of stock to Abu Dhabi - a true indication of the growth and success we have enjoyed!

dunlop tyres abu dhabi
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