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Continental Rv Tires

continental rv tires
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IMG 1525
IMG 1525
Our second day of the trip was frustrating. Sure, we saw (possibly) the world's largest ball of twine, but we had over 12 hours of driving scheduled for that day. That's a lot of road time to begin with, but then factor in some side quests here and there, killing a deer, and then driving up and down mountains surrounding Denver attempting to find a campsite that wasn't full, and what you're left with is a day in which we left the stupid RV campground in Missouri around 9:15 AM, and found ourselves tired and dejected, sitting in a Holiday Inn parking lot in Frisco at 3:15 AM contemplating our only two sleeping options for the night: the Holiday Inn, which was the only hotel in the area with any rooms left and was massively overpriced, or in the truck. We opted for the hotel, figuring any attempt at sleeping in the cab of the truck would prove worthless (well, worthless to me. Kyle, on the other hand, could lie down on a bed of razor blades, jagged rocks, and broken glass, and he would fall dead asleep in under 4.3 minutes). It's crushing to our morale to have to shell out $65/pc for a place to sleep and we're only two days into the trip. It's clear that our process is flawed, and that we are amateurs at this game. But then, this morning, it felt like we woke up in a different universe. It was dark Friday night by the time we hit Denver and passed over the continental divide, so we didn't really get to feel that awesomeness of seeing the mountains rising out of the horizon. We went to bed pissed off, having driven the majority of 16 hours across stupid plains land, and woke up in some mountainous playground. The Day 2 frustration didn't even follow us out of the parking lot of the Holiday Inn. We spotted an awesome view of some snow-capped mountains south of us, but there was nowhere to pull over on the westbound side of I-70 to get a picture. We got off at the next exit and started to backtrack, and in the process crossed this little bridge and decided to get a picture of that, as well.
Continental por Castellbisbal
Continental por Castellbisbal
Que sorpresa tuvimos cuando aparecio la Continental Rail 335.018-8 desde Martorell, es la primera vez que la puedo pillar bien, Castellbisbal, 9 Abril 2.010

continental rv tires
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