Big-Graphs             in               Hawaii 
  • We are excited to announce that Laks V.S. Lakshmanan (Professor, The University of British Columbia) will be the keynote speaker!
  • Our Program Committee accepted three interesting papers. See our workshop program.

Big-O(Q) VLDB 2015 Workshop on Big-Graphs Online Querying: Graph data management has become a hot-topic in the database community in recent years, because of an increasing realization that querying and reasoning about the interconnections between entities can lead to interesting and deep insights into a variety of phenomena. Despite much work in the area from the perspective of emerging applications, graph data management and online querying are still nascent topics in the database community with many open questions such as graph query optimization and benchmarking, declarative vs. procedural graph query languages, graph data representation, optimal graph partitioning and dynamic workload balancing techniques, role of modern hardware in graph processing, among many others. Our workshop is an attempt to discuss some of thoughts on these topics, and what exciting and important research problems we think are still open.

Date:  31 August, 2015 (Monday)