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We are Big Mic Entertainment  
We will make your event something that will be talked about long after it is over.  
Don't settle for anything less.
Big Mic Entertainment is a family operated business, we pride ourselves on having good clean fun! Whether young, old or just in denial, your sure to have a great time! 

Our goal is to make you feel like a star! No matter what the event, we'll make every effort to make sure your event is something no one will forget! 

 "So bring your mama, bring your papa, bring your sister too, we got lots of music and lots of room."

Janie Moore

Big Mic Entertainment
Can you remember the first time? 

I can, and let me tell you, after that first time I was hooked!  The first time I ever got up in front of a crowd and held that microphone, I was shaking like a leaf! My husband practically drug me up there! 

When I started singing I became another person! It was the most fun I had ever had! From then on I was hooked! My husband, who has always been a natural in front of crowds, is quite the entertainer!  He ceases to amaze me with his energy and fun spirit when he sings! He has the natural ability to make just about anyone feel like a star with a microphone in their hand! 

We are looking forward to sharing all the good times with everyone we meet throughout this wonderful experience of entertaining!