Course Resources

These are some of the resources that we will require to teach the Unit Standard 13035. The course will be delivered on a CD ROM with a series of narrated powerpoint presentations and movies of our class that we taech here to the other students. Also on the CD ROM we will have the assessment material and other exercises for the students to work through with additional support.


The funding will be from the Quality Reinvestment fund project.


Example question for the assessment


Question 13

Below is a Site / drainage plan of the house.

Identify the following abreviations from the plan and give a description of what they are.

  • T.V.
  • I.O.
  • P.V.C. D.P.
  • C.T.
  • And so and so on


Staff member to deliver course. No increased staffing will be necessary for blended delivery of this unit as a decrease in face to face content wii free up some tutor time. Staaff training and assistance with the delivery will be provided by EDC as part of a quality reinvestmant fund project.

Library resources.

Information Technology support. Some training for staff in producing the material.

House Plans and a specication.

Narrated powerpoints these are not completed currently by staff although not too far away

Movie of parts of an 8 hour class the videos would have to be created next time we teach the subject to a full time class. These run throughout the year.

Student Support These students are already familiar with the construction industry and will already hold a national certificate in carpentry. They may not be familiar with online learning or using a CD ROM. Face to face tutorials and an availability of a lecturer by phone and or email will be available during office hours. An orientation session to the use of the CD ROM will be timetabled  in the first face to face session. Learning support for the CD ROM and the material will be available after that.



This is an example of part of a plan that we will have to get drawn by a suitably qualified draughtsperson.