All New Male Models Read This

    The following information was drafted specifically to address what men can expect in starting in this business.  The rules are much different for girls, so please take the time necessary to familiarize yourself with the playing field and develop the right expectations.

Each of the different types of content you are able to shoot follow 2 distinct categories, and branch out from there.  There are many misconceptions about how men "fit in" to this business and what is required of them.  For example, it's rumored that in order to be considered for anything of consequence by production companies you have to work in Gay shoots first, or that there is no money for men in this business, on and on.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    All of the information on the $ Get Paid $ page relates 100% to you.  The only difference in the real world is that if you were to view a female model's website, her pictures are all over it.  Since your face is unlikely to be on camera in more than 90% of shoots, it's the girls you have shot with that create the membership base.  For example, few men would search for "Peter North" for porn, but his content [starring different models] are some of the highest grossing video releases anywhere and are all boy/girl.


    It is true that men are paid less per shoot than girls.  However, men are able to work in more videos overall as a rule.  Who makes more money on average?  It depends on the performer. Some guys want to shoot a few times a week, others prefer once a month or less.  Production companies make money with new faces, and in the boy/girl market it's the girls that bring in the sales.  As a guy, you could shoot with all seven of them on a new release and get paid each time, while the girls on the new video get one scene.  If the girls get paid $3000 for the shoot, and you are paid $500 on each of the 7 scenes, it works out exactly the same.

    You do not have to be hung like a coke can or have a foot long penis to work in this industry.  If you are, it doesn't hurt - people would want to watch your content because you are an absolute freak of nature.  The average man's size is all the average man or woman wants to see in the videos. 

Viagra and Cialis can be your best friends.  It's easy for any guy to keep an erection for 15 minutes.  Beyond 1/2 an hour is difficult without being stimulated, and it's a MYTH that any production company has "fluffers" on their payroll for you.

    Everyone in this business that works in any form of hardcore videos is STD screened, and that means there will be absolute verification that you have absolutely no issues there before you get on camera.  Wouldn't it be great if when you meet the next girl in your life at the bar [or wherever] they pull out ID and a clean screening sheet for you to see?  The sad fact is that you are millions of times more likely to catch something you can never be rid of or worse, something that can kill you from someone off camera.  The stigma involved with the adult industry has driven us to the point where this is an unheard of issue anywhere since the 1970's.

    As mentioned on the Start Page, don't be concerned that you might be carrying too much around the waistline, maybe thinning out on top, or any other physical attribute that might deter you from getting into this business with all the passion you can muster.  There are plenty of Amateur Websites that are starving for new talent, and your look might be exactly what they want to cast in upcoming productions.  You have to say "yes" to yourself first if you honestly expect anyone else to.

Bring your own condoms to shoots.  Not all shoots are "bareback", even though most are. Some production companies pride themselves on showcasing safe sex practices in their videos, and it's best to show up prepared.

Tell anyone you want that you are working in adult, we will never do so.  We will never verify your information over the phone with anyone who calls asking.  Our policy is one of privacy, and that starts with the very first interaction with us and forever after.

    One last point for the men, to address the NUMBER 1 reason most guys are interested in working in adult [#2 being the money].  It's EXTREMELY UNLIKELY you will ever get an opportunity to do what you can do on camera working with us in real life.  It's almost impossible to find the kind of talent on our books in the real world, and being given an opportunity to work with these girls is truly an incredible experience to be grateful for. 


    They will not call you, email you, demand your time, or ask you to leave your significant other and pay their bills for you to have mind blowing sex on camera.  The girls you work with in this business have absolutely ZERO personal interest in YOU - they aren't looking for a boyfriend or husband, it's likely they have one already.

If you aren't built like a Greek God AND have tons of money at your disposal, you'll never get a chance to experience what you can by being a part of our organization - that's life. 

    Unless you're Tiger Woods or a celebrity of similar renown, forget about getting a chance at this type of fun anywhere.  It doesn't matter what dating site you join, or how many classified ads you respond to.  It's not realistic to expect what happens in porn to happen for you in your daily life.  This warning is shown at the beginning of every adult video made because it's true.

    Registering with us as an available performer IS YOUR ONLY SHOT at the experiences that lie in store for you on camera.  If that's not the case and you ARE wealthy with six-pack abs, the only reason you'd want to Register with us is for variety.  Chances are extremely slim this is you.  If you're an average Joe, all it takes is a quick glance at the photos below [from actual shoots] to really appreciate how unlikely it is you can find this kind of opportunity to experience this no matter how many thousands of fake ads you respond to.


    If you're ready to get started, you'll need to hit the Legal Forms page to get the documents you'll need in order to work with us.  

Unlike the Girls, we only need a certain number of men per metro area to start.  Wait, and your spot will be taken.

    If you're Gay and would rather work in M/M photos or video, read through the "Girls Read This" section.  Although there are some differences, there are more similarities to your opportunities there, since it's fresh faces that drive that side of the business.

Mr. Affiliate Marketing,
Jul 7, 2010, 11:20 AM