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Recent Announcements
Big Lake Directories
At the January 2018 Board Meeting, members decided that we will not update and print directories every year.  Directories that were printed last year are available at monthly BLIA meetings and at the Village Office.  Every member receives 0ne directory at no cost.  Additional     directories may be purchased for $5.00 each.  Change is continual at the lake, so if you have moved, sold property, have a different home address or phone number, please let us know.  Contact Marna and Jerry Milbourn at 816-261-9600.  The directory's accuracy depends on you!!

Additions to Cardboard Boat  Regatta
Exciting classes have been added to the Regatta!  This year we will have kayak and canoe races as well as the cardboard boats.  So as the weather warms up, be out there practicing and building up those arm muscles.  Ice cream churned by the tractor was a big hit last year, so we will have it again this year.  

Car Show/Lakefest
Activities for the Car Show and Lakefest will be combined this year.  The Board felt it was confusing to ask people to go to both the State Park and BLIA Building last year,  so all activities will be at the State Park.  New Additions will be music and the famous tractor-made ice cream.  Watch for more details!  Questions, or comments, contact Wes Miller at 816-294-1958.

Big Lake Flea Market
Who doesn't have some extra "stuff" in the basement or garage, that you would like to get rid of? Here's your chance.   BLIA will be holding a flea market/garage sale in September.  Persons can rent a space, with rental monies going to BLIA as a fund-raiser.  Profits made from the sale of items go to the owner.   We are still working to finalize details...we just wanted to make sure you begin saving things as spring house-cleaning begins!

Big Lake Events

Association Meetings

The Third Saturday of each month April through October.  8:00am Breakfast, 9:00am Meeting.  

October 21

Village of Big Lake Board Meetings

The second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM

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