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You can find under the headings to the left information about local services such as the Parish Council, the Village Hall, All Saints Church, together with details and statistics about the local community and local organisations.

Throughout the year there are a variety of events taking place such as the Village Fete, the Flower Show together with shows from the popular "Hog the Limelight" scheme.

2006 saw the launch of the Bighton Village Hall Monthly Draw. This initiative seeks to raise funds for the Village Hall and is open to residents of the parish. Proceeds are split 50:50 between the prize fund and the Hall funds. Further details can be found in the Village Hall section.

You may have noticed some changes to the website. Apart from the obvious cosmetic changes, we have included a more user friendly calendar for the Village Hall together with an interactive map for its location. We do still get calls asking where the Village Hall is!

Come in and have a wander around the site - you might be surprised to learn what's happening in your village!

Defibrillator Funding Update

We have £336.78 so far, raised from the Jumble sale, towards the £2,000 needed to fund a defibrillator which would be located outside of  the Village Hall. We have spoken to Vitacress who have already allocated all of their community funding this year, but are still keen to help if they can. We are also approaching other local organisations. It appears that most of the grants that were available through SSEB and British Heart foundation that have previously funded defibrillators have now closed. If anyone knows of any other organisations that could be approached, please let me know.

If anyone feels they would like to make a small donation towards the funding please contact me as every little helps and it all soon adds up.

This is such an important piece of equipment to have locally and could make the difference to saving someone’s life. The statistics from the Ambulance Service are quite alarming, generally a 7% success rate following a heart attack, when waiting for an ambulance, as time is so important. The defibrillator is fully automatic, and actually talks/instructs you through the whole process. The Ambulance service also offer a free training session and once the defibrillator has been installed this will be arranged.

Lindsay Quirk 01962 73696

Bighton & Gundleton News - May issue now available

The successor to Village Voice is Bighton & Gundleton News, affectionately known as Big Gun News! If you have mislaid the copy posted through your door, the latest copy can be found by following this link or from the menu on the left of this page.

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Village Hall Lottery 2017/2018

We are very grateful to those who buy lottery tickets. About 50% of the income raised is used to provide prizes and the balance (about £1,200 a year) is used to help pay for maintenance of the village hall.

A new lottery year starts in July. If you would like to buy tickets, please complete the online form here if you wish to pay by online banking, or that which will be distributed with the June edition of Big Gun News if you want to pay by cheque or cash. Unfortunately we cannot accept card payments.

Applicants must be 16 or over and must live in Bighton or Gundleton.

Bighton Village Draw

Village Draw Winners

May 2017
1st Prize  of £50   Ernie & Barbara Jeffs
2nd Prize  of £30   - Ian Johnson
3rd Prize  of £20  - Colin & Sharon Squibb
4th Prize  of £15  Phil Bennett
5th Prize  of £10   Lynn Owen

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