Ministry times
  •  Sunday School -- 10:05 and 11:25

  • Life Groups -- Sunday nights 6:30-9:00

  • STUK in the Middle -- 5th-8th grade in the Attic Wednesday nights 6:30-7:30.  During the School year

  • High School Bible study in the Attic Wednesday nights from 7:45-9:00    

  • Fit For Life... during the summer Sunday nights active game, biblical lesson and lots of fun! 


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  • No Fit for Life tonight... June 19th 2011!!!!

Why we do what we do!

      Our staff is grounded in God's word and believes that every student needs to have a firm hand on the word of God.  The staff will challenge the students with the love, grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

       The goal of our staff is to love students from the time they step into our lives through sharing God's love, by being genuinely interested in their lives and by modeling Jesus through our lives. 

       The Attic is open before and after meetings to encourage a social setting where students can just hang out and talk, play games or simply catch up on friends.  the Attic offers a safe environment for students to get connected to each other and Jesus Christ through forming relationship with their peers and adult staff.

Ideally what would I like my students to do. 


1.     Be involved in Sunday School.  Main teaching time for the week.   Biblical teaching geared towards youth. 

2.     Be involved in Sunday morning church. 

3.     Be involved in Sunday night “life groups”.  To build community, to study and pray together with people in their life stage. 

4.     Serve in the church in some way.  Encourage them to serve in the nursery, Sunday school, usher, greeter, chairs, whatever they feel lead to do.

5.     Be involved in another bible study during the week.    Wednesday night BigHouse, or another study with another group.  Start one if necessary. 

6.     Daily prayer time and devotions. 

7.     Be involved in a mission trip during their time in BigHouse.  Mexico, Kentucky or other opportunities that are offered. 

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