Mens Fashion Singlets : Korean Fall Fashion.

Mens Fashion Singlets

mens fashion singlets
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mens fashion singlets - 3M Value
3M Value 1720 Plus Overhead Projector. 1720 OVERHEAD PROJ 2500 LUMENS CLOSED HEAD ENX LAMP 3YR WARR OVERHD. Close - Singlet - 2500 lm - Gray
3M Value 1720 Plus Overhead Projector. 1720 OVERHEAD PROJ 2500 LUMENS CLOSED HEAD ENX LAMP 3YR WARR OVERHD. Close - Singlet - 2500 lm - Gray
Standard Warranty: 3 Year
Manufacturer/Supplier: 3M
Manufacturer Part Number: 1720
Manufacturer Website Address:
Brand Name: 3M
Product Series: 1800 Plus
Product Model: 1720
Product Name: Value 1720 Plus Overhead Projector
Marketing Information: Overhead projector is engineered for durability with hardened, break-resistant stage glass. The durable stage glass can result in less maintenance, interruptions and repair expenses. A closed singlet projection head protects the mirror to keep dust away from the optical surfaces and makes it easy to focus. 2,500 lumens of light can enhance your visuals even with the room lights on for note-taking. Features an articulating closed singlet projection head for clear images throughout the tilt range and extra lens and mirror protection. In-circuit resistor extends lamp life. 10' x 10' staging area gives you room to maximize your message. Overhead projector offers 10' power cord and tangle-free cord storage. Weighs 17.8 lb. Voltage rating: 120VAC, 60Hz. Thermal protection circuit cuts power to the lamp if the projector exceeds safe operating temperature.
Packaged Quantity: 1 Each
Product Type: Transmissive Overhead Projector
Lens Type: Singlet
Head Type: Close
Focal Length: 293 mm
Lamp Type: 1 x ENX 360 W
Lamp ...

85% (13)
singlets back
singlets back
Left: Team Antarctica custom made singlet for dual tourney cant fnd anywhere!!! size AS great condition.MIDDLE:Team Minnesota elementary duals team singlet AS can ft AM very comfy, on top of it is BRAND NEW HEADGEAR. RIGHT: USA wrestling singlet super sick has statue of liberty and a tank and soldies and bald eagle!! really comfy.OFFER UP
Singlet Yellow
Singlet Yellow
Newest rage Smith St in borderline feminine prints!

mens fashion singlets
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