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Kids Fashion Italy

kids fashion italy
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kids fashion italy - Gia from
Gia from Italy World Collection Doll/Book Starter set
Gia from Italy World Collection Doll/Book Starter set
Gia is an 11-year old fashion-lover who helps her parents operate their pensione (Family Inn in Florence, Italy, she dreams of becoming the world?s most famous fashion designer. Gia comes with her own hardbound, 144-page fiction book that includes four-color pages from her personal journal about Italy and her Italian culture, and a passport that allows your child to allocate 3% of the retail price to one of four charitable causes at Additional outfits are also available, which are interchangeable. Measures 5.5"L x 7.5"W x 5.5"H.

77% (6)
by Gabito Rohh PITTI BIMBO AW10 Cavalli Davils & Angels Kids Florence (Italy)
by Gabito Rohh PITTI BIMBO AW10 Miss Blumarine Collection Florence (Italy)

kids fashion italy
kids fashion italy
Karito Kids Zoe From Nyc, USA World Collection Doll/Book Starter Set
Zoe Nicole Linden is a bohemian 11-year-old girl with a knack for making up fun words and silly songs on her guitar and putting together great outfits from vintage stores in her New York City neighborhood. Like all the Karito Kids, Zoe is a 21? poseable play doll with a unique face sculpt that reflects the beauty of her ethnicity. Zoe comes with a hard-bound fictional 128-page chapter book that includes a fun 8-page scrapbook done by Zoe about her city| (Messenger bag not included.) Zoe is made of phthalate-free vinyl with a torso that is 1/3 vinyl and 2/3 soft 100% cotton filled with polyester fill.

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