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Hot Fashion Tv Girls

hot fashion tv girls
    fashion tv
  • Fashion TV is an international television channel devoted to fashion and modelling.
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Sabrina A. Parisi rocks with her new hot and sexy style
Sabrina A. Parisi rocks with her new hot and sexy style
She rocks, she is wild, she is mystic, mysterious, and funny and she has a brand new style! The most controversial, eccentric European socialite Sabrina A. Parisi which has been always pictured as a charming pink and flowering princess, she recently surprised everybody showing on red carpets on a new unpredictable style. Wearing black and tights, wild hair style and guess what, audience and photographers agreed that she definitely looked hot! Sabrina’s new look conquered everybody. She is in great shape, she is sexy, hot and looking very single, she is definitely making a new statement in Hollywood. Sabrina's new book Glitz and Glam will be released this coming up holiday season and in addition she is currently filming episodes for the “Don’t Call Me Paris”, which examines her lifestyle and background with interaction with several celebrities, VIP, rumors, gossip, and more; and which has been mourning the loss of her beloved cat Q, has been nominated one of the most controversial and eccentric socialite. Although she remarked she hates to be denominated socialite, she only attends events to shoot for her TV reality show and to write for her column “Gossip Girl”. But fans love her and cannot stop following her Hollywood's events & party's news. She is definitely one of the new raising Hollywood celebrities that on top of that has been rumored to be linked to Canadian actor Keanu Reeves. Sabrina had denied it but the “rumor Love affair” has not decreased at all. However, during a recent interview she stated that she is too focused on her career to think about any new love's endeavor!
Sexy TV personality Sabrina A. Parisi looks perfect with bikini
Sexy TV personality Sabrina A. Parisi looks perfect with bikini
Sexy TV Personality Sabrina A. Parisi' Summer Vacation Stunning TV personality Sabrina A. Parisi reveals her perfect and jaw-dropping bikini curves. Her blond hair and tight body look perfect in the skimpy bikini that shows off her breasts and legs. For reals, she has a perfect bikini body. We defy anyone to think otherwise. And one more time she chooses the Cilento area in South Italy for her summer vacation.

hot fashion tv girls
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