Download fashion games for girls - Latest fashion trends spring 2011 - Girls fashion coats.

Download Fashion Games For Girls

download fashion games for girls
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download fashion games for girls - Bratz Passion
Bratz Passion 4 Fashion Laptop
Bratz Passion 4 Fashion Laptop
Learning has never been so fashionable! Now girls with a "Passion for Fashion" (P4F) can boost their brainpower with tons of learning activities. Just connect this laptop to your home PC, and download new games and content from 11 game categories include: Spelling, Art, Science, Geography, Grammar, Music, Vocabulary, Spanish, Math, Writing, Mind Benders, Touch Typing and Study Break. 100 games/activities with over 200 levels of game play in all, plus 9 foreign language activities. A new larger 4.5" high-resolution backlit screen offers a clear view, and the full-sized QWERTY keyboard is a great introduction to typing. Laptop also features USB Port A/C adaptor jack, headphone jack and built-in handle for leaning on the go. Requires 4 "AA" batteries, included.

86% (15)
Christmas Goodies!
Christmas Goodies!
Yay, for Christmas!!!

download fashion games for girls
download fashion games for girls
Legacy Interactive Software OMG High School High Quality Modern Design Beautiful
Three great games! Mean Games is the ultimate High School Showdown. It's finally up to you who rules the school. Clueless mixes guys, crushes, friends, school and of course clothing, into one fabulous fashion game. Over 500 stylish options of tops, dresses, pants, shoes, purses and more. 90's throwback dialogue and cut scenes match the movie style and keep you smiling. Pretty in Pink lets you recreate the classic romantic triangle between Andie, Duckie, and Blane. Then you decide who gets the girl! Requirements: WinXP/Vista. 32MBVideocardRAM. 512MBavailableRAM. DirectX9.0cornewer. CompatibleSoundcard. 1GHzprocessorwithacurrenthardwareaccelerated3Dgraphicscard.

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