The Big George Gorillas
2009 World Champions
(That is, if your world is the Carson City 30+ basketball league!)



2009 Team Photo

Top Row: Gary Jensen, Clayton Chappell, Paul Breen, David Leatham

Bottom Row: Robbe Lehmann, Nick Serrano, Todd Myler

Missing: Sean Lehmann

2009 Roster

G- Robbe Lehmann

G- Sean Lehmann

G- Nick Serrano

F/G- Gary Jensen

F/G- Tod Myler

F- Clayton Chappell

C- Paul Breen

C- David Leatham


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Just like a fine chardonnay, the Big George Ventures basketball team gets better with age. After playing two years with the boys in the open league, the team graduated to playing with the men in the over 30 league.

The word 'Gorillas' wasn't the only thing added to the team this year. Paul Breen and Gary Jensen were recruited after the dissolution of men's league powerhouse Carson Chiropractic (two blown knees, bad feet, one team member leaving as a member of the US Congress and one leaving to prison for 12 years proved too much to weather).

Paul Breen has been clogging the lane and blocking shots since the Nixon administration. His presence down low was a welcome addition to the front court. Despite his large and intimidating size, Breen was able to slide behind defenses and quickly turn lob passes into two points.

In the back court, Gary Jensen took a cue from his day job as a mortician and shot the lights out from downtown and beyond. His ability to spread the defense made it easier to get the ball into the lane.

This year in the Nevada National Guard, Clayton Chappell dropped the title Major in favor of Lt. Colonel. Likewise on the court, Chappell dropped the title "The Chappell Show" for the new and improved title "The Clapper". It was an obvious move as Chappell picked up a technical foul for clapping too much during one game. He lead the team in technical fouls with two. He got his second for doing the "carrying" sign with his hand during the final minutes of another game. We're having some statisticians do the research because we think he might be the only person in history to receive two technical fouls without saying a single word to the referees.

With only one year remaining on his three-year, six 32-ounce Gatorade contract, David Leatham was the only other member of the team to get a technical foul. His was for dunking. Leatham was a force to be reckoned with around the hoop. Beyond his ferocious defense and Rodman-like rebounding, Leatham was able to scoop a lot of the crappy shots taken by Robbe Lehmann-- we'll deal with him later-- off the glass for easy points.

The Most Interesting Man in the World in the Dos Equis commercials may, in fact, be the most interesting. But, he's definitely not the smoothest. That honor goes to second-year guard Nick Serrano. Serrano was able to slide, spin, pivot, and dance his way into the lane at will. His silky smooth playing was the determining factor in many victories. These included a winning last-second three-pointer to take our first lead of the game against Great Basin Imaging.

As with previous years, Sean Lehmann was able to provide a spark with his hustle at the end of games. As the only member of the team who can run over a mile without stopping (and vomiting) his stamina proved highly valuable for fast-breaks and defense. Despite his unorthodox two-handed shot, Lehmann was also able to drop several three-pointers during the season. 

Todd Myler, once again, proved to be a valuable addition to the team. His hustle, passion and yelling helped keep the team motivated (not to mention the fact that he often brought Powerade for the entire team). In a strange turn of events, Myler was awarded the offensive MVP in a pivotal late season game. Unfortunately, he was given this award by the other team. Amazingly, he was able to foul two opposing players as they were attempting three-point shots in the waning moments of the game. Myler single-handedly put the other team on the line six times in the space of about 75 seconds. (Maybe this shouldn't be a surprise coming from a guy who was caught listening to Yanni by his own choice!)

Big George principal Robbe Lehmann once again lead the team in several statistical categories. Namely: offensive fouls, air balls, turnovers, shots attempted, ill-advised shots attempted, carries and obscure rules complained about. Despite this mess of statistics the other players on the team were able to compensate and win games.

Our inaugural year in the over 30 league was one to remember. Due to a tie game late in the season (remember, obscure rules complained about), the Big George Gorillas finished with a regular season record of 10-1-1. After a first round bye, the Gorillas breezed through rounds two and three with double digit wins.

The championship game was against the only team we lost to during the regular season. The Blue Bulls have a mean 2-1-2 offensive strategy that serves them quite well. To counteract this offense we employed a 1-3-1 defense. Because it was the first time playing this defense-- and the fact that most of us couldn't even hit the backboard on our shots-- we were down by 11 points at halftime. This all changed in the second half. We dialed in our defense and were able to keep them out of the lane. Our shots started falling and we got to the free throw line several times. In the end, the championship was ours with a 59 to 54 overtime victory. We give credit to coach Myler who emphasized before the game that, "turnovers, free throws, offense and defense will be the keys to the game." Inspired words!

The 2010 season should be a good one as we defend our title. Despite free-agency from all of our team but Leatham, we plan on bringing back seven of our eight players.

2009 Men’s Basketball Over 30 League
Carson City Recreation

Big George 84 Left Overs 62
Big George 63 Tile Outlet 41
Big George 72 Pizza Ho’s 42
Big George 63 Subway 50 
Big George 84 Allison Mackenzie 61
Big George 83 Pizza Ho’s 40
Big George 95 TGS 52
Big George 53 Blue Bulls 62
Big George 73 Active Chiropractic 48
Big George 68 Tile Outlet 68
Big George 60 Great Basin Imaging 57
Big George 77 Left Overs 68

Big George 77 Tile Outlet 64
Big George 83 Left Overs 68

Big George 59 Blue Bulls 54 (OT)

Total Points
Big George 1,094 Opponent 827

Average Points/Game
Big George 73 Opponent 55

Overall Record
13 Wins 1 Loss 1 Tie