Big George Philanthropy

As you might imagine, BGV receives many requests for funding each week. If you have a cause that you think BGV might be interested in supporting, please feel free to email us with any pertinent information.  Unfortunately, we cannot meet the needs of all those who ask, and so we may not be able to get back to you. We will contact you if we would like to learn more about your cause.


Whether on a local, regional, national, or global level, Big George Ventures is putting its money to good use. The following is a summary of some of the donations that BGV has made to different causes and organizations: 

  • BGV provided the bulk of the funding for the spectacular new football and track complex at Douglas High School. We are extremely proud to announce that the Douglas County Board of Education decided to name the facility the "Big George Athletic Complex" in honor of us. If you haven't yet visited the Big George Athletic Complex, get over there as soon as you can and check it out! It rocks.
  • BGV also provided significant funding to various other Douglas County schools. In these times of tight budgets, schools deserve all the financial assistance they can get so that they can do the best possible job educating our children.
  • BGV sent a check for $400,000 to the Carson Valley Arts Council to be used to help finance a performing arts center. This money made possible the purchase of the old Copeland Lumber Building in Minden, which will be renovated into a terrific performance venue for the region.
  • BGV has pledged $1,000,000 in funding over 2008-2010 or so to BlueGo to provide operating costs for a shuttle between Carson Valley and the South Lake Tahoe/Stateline area. We have high hopes that this shuttle will save hard-working locals significant money and time, as well as providing important environmental benefits.
  • BGV gave South Lake Tahoe $250,000 towards its track and soccer field at the South Tahoe Middle School. This is an excellent facility that is already being put to good use.
  • BGV has provided funding to important public service groups in Douglas County, such as the Sheriff's Department, the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District, and the library.
  • BGV donated $40,000 to the Douglas Dolfins swim team. With the money they bought a new scoreboard and timing system, and they are also using the money to provide scholarships to deserving swimmers.
  • BGV helped fund Running School-- a non-profit organization aiming at curbing today's trends in obesity and poor health by teaching kids how they can live healthy, happy, fit lives. BGV principal Ray Sidney is the Vice President of Running School.
  • BGV has given significant assistance to the X Prize Foundation to help fund their Automotive X Prize. This is a multi-million dollar prize designed to encourage industry to produce cars that are much more fuel-efficient and much less polluting than the cars you encounter on the road these days.
  • BGV has given significant financial assistance to the Hertz Foundation, whose mission is to provide support to America's most remarkable PhD students in the physical, biological, and engineering sciences.
  • Would you believe that BGV has endowed a graduate fellowship at MIT? That's right-- there's a real live graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who's carrying around the title of "Big George Ventures Fellow"!
  • For the last few years BGV has sponsored the Carson Valley Community Food Closet's Wacky Waddlers Wiver Wace by paying for the rubber ducks they sell to raise money. We have also provided them with funding to buy a new truck that they critically needed.
  • BGV is the perennial title sponsor of the World's Toughest Half, a wonderful half-Ironman-length triathlon through the beautiful land in and around Auburn, CA. We were also its presenting sponsor in 2006, when it was called the Auburn International Triathlon. If you're at all interested in triathlons or duathlons, check out this triathlon and its close kin at the Auburn Tri homepage, and figure out a way that you can participate in one of these awesome events.