Big Easy Bagels -- 2626 Brown Ave -- Manchester, NH 03103

We serve freshly baked New York Bagels and overstuffed deli sandwiches.

Our bagels are baked in the traditional water style, meaning that they are boiled before being baked.  This gives the bagels their shiny crusty surface that makes them unique.  The basic bagel dough is fat free and is made with unbleached flour.

It is said that bagels were born in 1683 in Vienna, to be presented as a gift to the King of Poland for saving his country from invasion.

Party Platters:
All of our freshly baked bagels and pastries, as well as our premium quality meats and cheeses, are available for special occasion.  Let us custom cater your next breakfast, luncheon, meeting or any affair.  For best service, please place platter orders 24 hours in advance (603) 641-DELI(3354).

Please phone ahead for carry out orders (603) 641-DELI(3354).

2626 Brown Ave Manchester, NH