Trans-Cambrian Ride in Memory of Henry.


What is it?
On 3rd June Mike, Paul and James will set off from Knighton (on the England/Wales Border) to cycle the 100 mile Trans-cambrian mountain bike route to Machynlleth.  

The Trans-cambrian way is a 100 mile mountain bike route normally completed in 3 days of riding. We will be doing this as a one day non-stop ride against the clock.

Here's the stats:
Distance:                     100 miles
Height climbed:            3700m 
Target time:                 17 hours elapsed
The current record held by a sponsored endurance racer is 11hrs 51.
More Details about the route here:
and doing the route as an Individual Time Trial:
On 25th February 2009, our first son Henry was born. The pregnancy was normal and low risk and at 10 days overdue the labour started normally. During the labour the midwives picked up some distress and the alarm was raised. Henry was born by emergency c-section within 11 minutes of the alarm. What should have been the happiest moment of our lives was our worst nightmare. Henry had no brain activity and we watched our beautiful son pass away 21 hours after he was born.

At some point prior to labour Henry had a cord accident, there wasn't anything anyone could have done. No-one to blame, it was a pure accident. Our lives were devastated. Our hopes and dreams for the future were lost, where the was once happiness there was now a vacuum.

Through the months following our tragic loss two charities supported us and helped us piece our lives together:

For these charities we plan to raise money from our big day's ride.