Blank Paper Utility v.0.9

Extend the life of your print cartridge -- print blank sheets! is a free online utility to allow you to print a blank sheet of paper from your printer in case you need a clean white, blank sheet of paper to write on.  No download required.

Over 80,000 people have now visited this site!  NEW!  Now 62% Faster!


Click the "Print" button below to print a smooth, clean blank sheet of paper from any printer!

 -------------------                                          --------------

|                             |                                          |                      |

|                             |                                          |                      |

|                             |                                          |                      |

 -------------------                                          ---------------

Print Blank Sheet!                               Print Blank 8.5" x 14"!


 *Blank Sheet not exactly as shown.


I clicked on the button, but it didn't print?  Why?

Sometimes printers print to the wrong tray -- if you don't see a blank sheet of paper in your output tray, simply remove it from your input tray.

Can this utility do lines?

Yes.  Simply insert lined paper into the input tray of the printer, then click "print."

How about colored paper?

Yes, simply insert colored paper into the input tray of the printer, then click "print."

This sounds like a trick, how do I know you're not going to bill my credit card?

We don't have credit card numbers and so we make frustratingly little money off of credit cards, just off ads.  


My printer only supports 8.5" x 11" -- can I get an 8.5" x 14 inch page?

Absolutely.  Simply get a blank 8.5" x 14" piece of paper and wave it over the printer while clicking the "print" button.


  • v. 0.9 -- Did not print blank sheet
  • v. 1.0 -- Printed slightly non-blank sheet.
  • v. 1.1 -- Printed all black sheet -- getting closer!
  • v. 1.2 -- Fire!
  • v. 1.3 -- Printed text to "O Solo Mio", don't understand why.  
  • v. 1.4 -- New version 50% more blank. 
  • v. 1.5 -- Improved speed, 62% faster.
  • v. 1.6 -- "unitray" support -- eliminated need to retrieve paper from output tray,

Please email the address below if you find any bugs.

Corporate Info:

 Where did come from? burped out from the frontal cortex of Benjamin Bradford, an IT manager and expert programmer with over 20 years of experience in creating paper in all its forms.  He recently sold for over $22 million dollars in worthless stock options. 

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"I had a big meeting, but had no blank paper to write on!  It was an emergency!  After a quick Google, I found your site and sure enough after reading the FAQ's and online manual, boom, there was a blank sheet of paper for me to use from the printer!   Thanks blanksheetof!"  -- Earl, from Dallas


 "I was four sheets of paper short when printing out my Master's thesis!  I didn't know what to do!  Then I found!  It allowed me to print off four sheets of blank paper, so I had enough to finish my thesis!" -- Sara in Sacramento


"I didn't want to walk down the stairs to requisition yet another ream  of paper so I simply had blanksheet print 500 blank sheets to our Redmond, WA printer and had it Fedexed here to Bangalore -- bang!  The blank sheets were here the very next day!  Invoice cost to company --  $650 in shipping!  Hilarious!  What a morale booster!"  -- "Jonathon", Microsoft India, Bangalore


"I'm not some kind of technical mumbo jumbo wizard -- can't you simplify this?  Help!" -- Dale, Vice-President of Marketing


"I don't get this site at all. This is insane.   Why couldn't I just use a blank sheet of paper from the input tray?" -- Actual Email  from Bob in Toledo



"The Worst Novel Ever Written" is the funniest novel of the year! -- Good luck finding it!" --  B.Bradford, author of this best-selling margin comment