Location: All talks will be in the Greenbriar Room

Thursday, June 14, 2012

08:20-08:50    Breakfast

08:50-09:00    Opening Remarks

09:00-10:40    Session Chair: Pankaj Agarwal

09:00-09:20    Divy Agarwal 
The Promise of Big Data: Influence Maximization, Diffusion of  Innovation, and Information Trends in Social Networks

09:20-09:40    Vipin Kumar
Understanding Climate Change: Opportunities and Challenges for Data Driven Research

09:40-10:00    Kamesh Munagala
Big Data Challenges in Internet Advertising

10:00-10:20    Shashi Shekhar
Spatial Big-Data 

10:20-10:40    Lars Arge
                        I/O-efficient Algorithms for Processing Big Terrain Data

10:40-11:10    Coffee Break

11:10-12:30    Session Chair: Kamesh Munagala

11:10-11:30    Graham Cormode
Small Summaries for Big Data 

11:30-11:50    Piotr Indyk
Faster Algorithms for Sparse Fourier Transform

11:50-12:10    Ke Yi
Computing Statistical Summaries over Massive Distributed Data

12:10-12:30    Ravi Kumar
LSH-Preserving Transformations

12:30-01:30    Lunch

01:30-02:50    Session Chair: Graham Cormode

01:30-01:50    Sarah Michalak
Massive Data: What Can Go Wrong and How Statistics Can Help

01:50-02:10    Martin Farach-Colton
The TokuFS Streaming File System 

02:10-02:30    Amol Deshpande
Enabling Declarative Analytics Over Big, Dynamic Information Networks 

02:30-02:50    Divesh Srivastava
Big Data Fusion 

02:50-03:20    Coffee Break

03:20-04:20    Session Chair: Amol Deshpande

03:20-03:40    Alexandra Meliou
Reverse Data Analytics: Answering Hard Questions on Big Data

03:40-04:00    Johannes Gehrke
Big Data Social

04:00-04:20    Leo Guibas
                        Understanding Data Sets Jointly

04:30-05:45    Breakout Session 1
Group 1: Scientific Opportunities of Big Data
Tanya Berger-Wolf and James Shanahan
Location: Conference Suite 502
Group 2:  The Human / Big Data Interaction
Michael Franklin and Alexandra Meliou
Location: Conference Suite 504
Group 3: Systems Infrastructure for Big Data
Divy Agarwal and Ashwin Machanavajjhala
Location: Conference Suite 602
Group 4: When Can Algorithms Declare Success on Big Data
Lars Arge and Sergei Vassilvitskii
Location: Conference Suite 604 

06:45-07:15    Beverages
                             Location: Varsity Lounge

07:15-08:45    Banquet
                       Location: Alumni Room

Friday, Jun 15, 2012

08:00-08:30    Breakfast

08:30-10:10    Session Chair: Shivnath Babu

08:30-08:50    Mauro Maggioni
Geometry and Approximation for Data in High-dimensions 

08:50-09:10    Alex Gray
A Holistic Look at Massive-Data Machine Learning: Seven Cross-cutting Techniques

09:10-09:30    Lawrence Carin
Big Data Analysis with Statistical Methods

09:30-09:50    Dinesh Manocha
GPU-based Parallel Algorithms for High Dimensional Nearest Neighbor

09:50-10:10    Mike Franklin
Making Sense at Scale with Algorithms, Machines and People

10:10-10:30    Coffee Break

10:30-11:15    Panel Discussion
                        Moderator: S. Muthukrishnan
Challenges and Opportunities with Big Data in Government and Industry:
Arnold Boedihardjo, Michael Coyle, Susanne Hambrusch, James Shanahan,  Di Xu

11:15-01:00    Breakout Session 2
Same groups as Breakout Session 1

01:00-02:00    Lunch

02:00-03:20    Session Chair: S. Muthukrishnan

02:00-03:20    Reports from Breakout Sessions

03:20-03:50    Coffee and Adjourn