Fun Facts

There’s something a little ironic about sharing data on how fast the amount of data is growing… but, since big data is big news for IT in 2012, here are 12 facts that made our eyes widen at the seemingly unstoppable growth in global data.

1. If you stacked a pile of CD-ROMs on top of one another until you’d reached the current globalstorage capacity for digital information – about 295 exabytes – if would stretch 80,000 km beyond the moon.

2. Every hour, enough information is consumed by internet traffic to fill 7 million DVDs.  Side by side, they’d scale Mount Everest 95 times.

3. 247 billion e-mail messages are sent each day… up to 80% of them are spam.

4. By 2020, IT departments will be looking after 10 x more servers, 50 x more data and 75 x more files.  Meanwhile, the number of IT administrators keeping track of all that data growth with increase by 1.5 times.

5. We can expect a 40-60 per cent projected annual growth in the volume of data generated, while media intensive sectors, including financial services, will see year on year data growth rates of over 120 per cent.

6. The world’s 500,000+ data centres are large enough to fill 5,955 football fields.

7. 75% of digital information is generated by individuals, whilst enterprises have liability for 80% of digital data at some point in its life.

8. There are nearly as many bits of information in the digital universe as there are stars in our actual universe.

9. Investment in digital enterprises has increased 50% since 2005.

10. There are 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook every day.

11. In 2010, 28% of the digital universe required some level of security… not all of it had the level of security it required….

12. People wishing each other Happy New Year drove a 500% surge in smartphone data within just one year, according to 3UK whose customers used a whopping 80 terabytes (TB) on the 31stDecember 2011, compared to just 14 TBs on the same day in 2010.