Call for Book Chapters

Big Data: Algorithms, Analytics, and Applications
(Chapman & Hall/CRC Big Data Series)
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, USA

As data sets are being generated at exponential rate all over the world, Big Data has become an indispensable issue. While organizations are capturing exponentially larger amount of data than ever these days, they have to re-think about and figure out what to digest it. The implicit meaning of data can be interpreted in reality through novel and evolving algorithms, analytics techniques, and innovative and effective use of hardware and software platforms so that organizations can harness the data, discover hidden patterns, and use newly acquired knowledge to act meaningfully for competitive advantages.

This book intends to cover fundamental and realistic issues about Big Data, including efficient algorithmic methods to process data, better analytical strategies to digest data, and representative applications in diverse fields such as Medicine, Science and Engineering, seeking to bridge the gap between huge amount of data and appropriate computational methods for scientific and social discovery, and to bring technologies for media/data communication, elastic media/data storage, cross-network media/data fusion, SaaS, and others together. It also aims at interesting applications involving in Big Data. 

Target Audience

This book can prove useful to researchers, professors, research students and practitioners, as it will report novel research work on challenging topics in the area of Cloud Computing and Digital Media. Researchers and professionals in Data Centers, Multimedia Storage, Indexing, Security, and Application Industry are also targets in the pool of potential readers.

Recommended Topics
Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Big Data Capture
  • Big Data Representation
    • Database vs. Big Table (or key-value pair)
  • Storage for Big Data
  • Big Data Sharing and Transferring
  • Big Data Processing Architecture
  • Data Warehousing and OLAP over Big Data
  • Security and Privacy Aspects of Big Data
  • Big Data Analytic Algorithms
    • Cluster Analysis
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Machine Learning
    • Data/text/image Mining
    • Statistics
  • Big Data Visualization
  • Big Data Applications
    • Bioinformatics
    • Multimedia Industry
    • Social Computing
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • Governance and Business

Additional Information
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