What to Wear:
Pinterest - Firefly Wedding Guest Costuming Guide - This is someone else's Pinterest account that they put together to help their wedding guests dress within the theme.  It is easily the most extensive thing I've seen on how to dress in the Firefly universe.  Definitely worth a look.

Replica-Level Costuming - If you want to go a little crazy and try to match something from the show, here is where I would start.  It would be a how-to guide on building a high-quality costume replica.

Indian-style Clothing and Jewelry - This place will custom make many items to your measurements and have thousands of choices, including many in the $30-40 range.  A great place for a women to get some interesting clothing for not much money.

Overlook Farm - A link to our venue and caterer.  There is also more information about the area and the B&Bs and restaurant onsite.

Vingolf Vineyards - The website for our vineyard and wine/mead-making activities