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Theme & What to Wear

Our theme is based off of the TV show Firefly and the movie Serenity - a 'dirt tech' sci-fi western world where space ships and gunslingers are commonly seen together.  

Below are some YouTube links that will help you get a few ideas about what it looks like and the general feel of the 'verse.  If you go to our Links page, you can find places to buy clothes that would meld well with the theme, as well as more Firefly information. 

Wanted to wear a Hawaiian shirt?  Think you won't get some of our wedding decorations?  If you only watch one video, this should be the one:

Wash Plays with Dinosaurs

This video can give you an idea for the overall tone of the series, as well as a few good costume shots.

Captain Mal

This one is a montage of some of the funnier moments of the show.  It shows lots of different costumes.  WARNING: Contains spoilers!!!! 

Funniest Firefly Moments

Wondering about "the hat"?  Well, wonder no further:

Jayne Hat

Ok, maybe continue to wonder a little longer...

Have you decided you just want to watch the whole show?  It's available on Hulu Plus in full.  If you don't subscribe to Hulu Plus, try out their free one-month trial - the show is only 13 episodes long.  If you just want to catch up enough for the wedding, I recommend you watch Serenity parts 1 & 2 and Shindig.  Those episodes should get you enough background to understand most of what we do.