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Yes, yes there is an update.  Updates do happen occasionally.

Primarily we'd like to be registered for Home Depot gift cards.  We've put an offer on a house, and even if this isn't the house for us - we'll get one eventually and all houses could use some Home Depot...

Otherwise, we're registered on Amazon for a few things - this link might work:

You can always go to Amazon.com and search for the wedding registry - it is under Jennifer Franklin.  If you are planning on giving us any garden-items that might expire or need to be planted this year, you can simply gift-card with the amount and a letter saying that is what it is for.  Unfortunately a June wedding is after a spring planting season...

One of these days we'll register for something somewhere - but with so much going on - we just haven't gotten the time.

If in doubt as to what to get us - *SHOW UP AT THE WEDDING*!  It will certainly mean more to us for everybody to be there than any gift possibly could.  Conflicts aside, (which we understand,) we'd really like to see everybody.