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Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Matthew W. Bertsch presently lives in Bedford, New Hampshire.  He founded Bloodborne Publishing while living in Dallas, Texas and is the author of "Jacob's Balloon".

From an early age, Matthew loved to create.  He often spent his free time capturing stories on his mother's cassette recorder.  In high school he focused his creativity on producing video shorts, winning First Place at the Indiana State Media Fair and Honorable Mention at a National Competition in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 1992, Matthew earned a Bachelor's Degree in scriptwriting from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.  His poem "Heritage" was published in the 1992 Purdue Exponent Literary Issue.

Matthew's first book, a novella titled Jacob's Balloon, centers around lessons learned throughout his life.  Most of his literature is Christian in nature, but the author feels compelled to maintain a sense of worldly reality within his works.

"I don't write fiction to convert folks (conversion is God's specialty).  I write fiction to entertain.  However, many Christians will take issue with my inclusion of worldly subjects in my writings, while others will take issue with my inclusion of God.  I often chose to not separate the two; it is reality.  If you're looking for God you can find Him anywhere, even in the darkest corners of the earth; and if you're trying to avoid Him, well...good luck."

---Matthew W. Bertsch

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