Welcome to BigDaddyO's workshop

This site is used to support my YouTube channel since it's the only way to upload plans and other information that is relevant to my Videos.

You can also find details on other projects that I have made which I have not created videos for.  Particularly in the winter months since it's too cold out there to mess with video cameras.

Feel free to browse through the tabs above, no charge for any of the downloads.

What I'm currently working on.

I have cut down and re-installed the old table and fence for my Radial Arm saw.  I'm still trying to figure out the best way to build the extension wings.

I dragged in a few pieces of pallet oak that spent the last 3 years outside as raised garden beds.  We just have not had time to tend a garden so I took them down.  These still seem to be in good shape so I stacked them and once they thaw and dry out a little I'll see if they are still any good.  These are what I'm talking about when I tell people looking for Pallet wood to check out heavy equipment repair places.  They get parts shipped to them on some VERY thick/heavy custom pallets so the people who collect pallets to re-sell them don't want them.
Also, you can see a few Birch logs my son dragged home for me to make some spoons from.