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This site is used to support my YouTube channel since it's the only way to upload plans and other information that is relevant to my Videos.

You can also find details on other projects that I have made which I have not created videos for.  Particularly in the winter months since it's too cold out there to mess with video cameras.

Feel free to browse through the tabs above, no charge for any of the downloads.

What I'm currently working on.

I finally found an old Woody Jointer plane at an Estate sale for $10.  For some reason these are usually priced WAY to expensive around here probably because they assume collectors will pay for them.  I'm no collector...
This is what it looks like how I got it.  It's missing the wooden wedge to hold the blades in as well as the bolt that holds the chip breaker to the blade.
Lot's of work, but I'm looking forward to putting this to good use in the future.

Previous "What I'm working on" posts

I'm in the process of making a few carving knives from an old blade.  I also plan on making a couple Awls as well.
I made a couple patterns based on my favorite carving knife.  
It's very tricky using steel that is already hardened as it's tough to cut and it's very easy to burn it if you're not careful, especially the tip!
Although, for me it's easier than trying to soften, harden, then re-temper steel properly.