10 Google+ Fun Facts: You Will Use It for Business and Marketing

There are at least ten Google+ facts that will definitely make you interested in using this account for business marketing.

Google Authorship in SEO on Google+

Not many people are aware that Google+ comes with Google Authorship in SEO. It means, your Google+ account will automatically recognized as a keyword when people search anything related to it on Google. It may give you huge market. To make your account more efficient and easy to search, it is suggested for you to use your personal profile and is linked to your business.

Google+ builds great communities

Don’ t you know that the circle system on Google+ has stronger effect than it looks? It is not only about random or friend relation networking, Google+ will automatically differentiate people whom you follow and who you follow. If you regularly update your post with meaningful and informative post, Google+ will promote your account to other accounts with similar interest.

It can be a micro blog

Different from blogs and websites that require you to update long post, Google+ allows you post short and visual post. It can be a powerful tool to promote your business as long you keep updating your Google Plus account with meaningful post on you basis or interest. These Google+ facts also remind you that you should never update your account with random post to make it works effectively.

It tells you what happens

You can turn on the trending topic tabs. For business and marketing, it will work for you better than Twitter. Google Plus does not only post the trending topic in the form of hash tag or captions, but in the form of short notification included image or GIF post. It can be a great way to make your business a trending topic on Google Plus. People will automatically get the notification.

Google Plus find the exact target audience

One of the most important thing in marketing is to find your target market. Instead of promoting your business to random people, Google Plus suggest your account to your exact audience. Google+ classifies your account into some categories and it automatically informs other accounts with similar interest. It is totally effective.

Age matter

Another great fact about Google+ is that this social media platform is able to rotate the post based on the age of people who own the accounts. At the same time, this account is also recognize the profile of the account like the time zone, occupation, and interest of the target accounts. It will help your post spread well to the target.

Filter the notifications

Some people are bothered with random notification that comes to their email every time. Google+ provides you 20 actions to filter notification, so you can effectively control your account. You just have to visit the Google+ setting at your account profile and re-set the “receive notifications” setting.

Online hangout

It is similar to other online chat on the other social media platforms, but the hangouts-on-air feature ill get your more specific use. It will organize your chat based on the subject chat and you can also create a group chat to discuss particular topic.

It can create event

You don’t have to use Facebook to create an event. Google+ provides you with similar feature. You can create an event and send the invitation through Gmail. If people whom you send the invitation accept your request, the event will be automatically noted in their Google calender. Really great agenda!

Hash tag feature

It works like hash tag on Twitter and Instagram. The hash tag will make people easily to find your post. The hash tag will also automatically categorize your post. Indeed these all Google + facts will get you interested in using the account to promote your business.