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Pac Steering Wheel Adapter

pac steering wheel adapter
    steering wheel
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pac steering wheel adapter - SWI&PS -
SWI&PS - PAC Steering wheel control interface for Pioneer and Sony NEW Version 1.6.8 with Bluetooth
SWI&PS - PAC Steering wheel control interface for Pioneer and Sony NEW Version 1.6.8 with Bluetooth
You want to install a Pioneer or Sony stereo in your vehicle, but you hate to give up the convenience of your factory steering wheel radio controls? No problem. PAC's SWI-PS interface allows you to use the steering wheel controls in a wide variety of vehicles to command your new Pioneer or Sony radio. Installation is straightforward just connect a few wires, only 3 wires in many cars. The direct connection to the stereo means there's no need for an infrared emitter, allowing the SWI-PS to function even in bright sunlight. Step-by-step LED confirmation makes programming easy. Once connected, the SWI-PS' failsafe memory will learn up to 9 stereo functions, retaining them even if battery power is interrupted. Dimensions: 3-5/84"W x 1"H x 1-9/16"D.

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Coby's stereo collage
Coby's stereo collage
Here's most of what went into the car (minus sound deadening, wiring, and such): Pioneer Premier F90BT GMOS-LAN-04 Harness PAC SWI-PS (steering wheel control interface) Antenna adapter (Cobalt requires the Chrysler adapter...go figure...) 3 RF Punch P300-2 amps CDT Audio CL-62 components front CDT Audio CL-69 "subwoofers" rear deck RF Punch 10" shallow-mount sub.
Steering Wheel.
Steering Wheel.
My steering wheel is in dire need of repair. I found one that was perfect on eBay, but it was in Germany and the guy wouldn't ship it. The total cost would have been less than $100. :(

A little lighter on the exposure seems to bring out those nice Polaroid colors.

pac steering wheel adapter
pac steering wheel adapter
PAC Steering Wheel Radio Control Interface with Wired Input - Pioneer/Sony SWI-PS
This allows you to retain the use of their steering wheel or rear seat radio controls when replacing the factory head unit. Works with Pioneer and Sony radios with wired remote inputs. The SWI-PS also retains the use of heater control buttons on GM vehicles. The SWI-PS is so universal that it works in over 95% of the vehicles made from 1986 to current. You can assign the buttons on the steering wheel to any of the 9 specific Pioneer functions: Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute, Track Up, Track Down, Source, Preset Up, Preset Down and Band.