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Knex Ferris Wheel Instructions

knex ferris wheel instructions
    ferris wheel
  • A Ferris wheel (also known as an observation wheel or big wheel) is a nonbuilding structure consisting of a rotating upright wheel with passenger cars (sometimes referred to as gondolas or capsules) attached to the rim in such a way that as the wheel turns, the cars are kept upright, usually by
  • The original Ferris Wheel, sometimes also referred to as the Chicago Wheel, was the centerpiece of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois.
  • An amusement-park or fairground ride consisting of a giant vertical revolving wheel with passenger cars suspended on its outer edge
  • a vertical rotating mechanism consisting of a large wheel with suspended seats that remain upright as the wheel rotates; provides a ride at an amusement park
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  • K’Nex (trademarked as K'NEX) is a brand name of a construction toy system invented by Joel Glickman, designed and produced by K'Nex Industries of Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA. Currently Michael Araten is the president of the organization.
  • KNEX (106.1 FM, "Hot 106.1") is a Rhythmic radio station that serves an Abandoned Desert in the United States and A Very Violent, Abandoned Desert, Mexico border area. The station is owned by BMP Radio. This Station IS Dope!!
knex ferris wheel instructions - K'NEX 6'
K'NEX 6' Ferris Wheel
K'NEX 6' Ferris Wheel
Take on the ultimate KNEX building challenge with the 6-Foot Ferris Wheel Building Set! With 8,550 colorful parts and standing over 6 feet height, the 6-Foot Ferris Wheel is largest KNEX building set of all time - both in piece count, and in height. Follow the color-coded instructions to build this towering Ferris Wheel one piece at a time, for hours of building fun. Then switch on the powerful, plug-in motor to bring the hulking ride to life. The 6-Foot Ferris Wheel is recommended for expert builders ages 16 and up.

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Ferris wheel, Tokyo
Ferris wheel, Tokyo
Ferris wheel changes colour by night in Tokyo. Courtesy of Weiyi
ferris wheel
ferris wheel
ferris wheels are fascinating.

knex ferris wheel instructions
knex ferris wheel instructions
K'Nex Double Ferris Wheel

K'NEX Double Ferris Wheel Building Set #13076

Imagine the fun you will have building a double wheel ferris wheel, over 3 feet tall!

The motorized star-shaped wheels spin in opposite directions.

The rods, gears, connectors and accessories are in a variety of bright colors.

Instructions included for 2 models.

977 Pieces

Ages 8 and up

Requires 2 "AA" batteries, not included

KNEX double ferris wheel
The K'NEX double ferris wheel fully constructed.
K'NEX has always been pushing the boundaries of construction toys, and they have created award-winning products in the process. They aim to inspire creativity, build self-confidence, and encourage interaction among children and parents.
KNEX double ferris wheel
The K'NEX double ferris wheel has two spinning wheels rotating in opposite directions.
In their Thrill Rides line, the K'NEX double ferris wheel puts the "amusement" back into amusement park. Build a towering ferris wheel constructed with 977 K'NEX bricks and Micro-K'NEX pieces. Reaching three feet tall, the gigantic gyrating wheels reward determination and imagination.
Construct the base and build the two star-shaped rotating wheels. Pivoting on one of K'NEX's most powerful motors, the double ferris wheel will spin the brightly colored star wheels in opposite directions. The double ferris wheel takes the traditional puzzle, makes it three dimensional, and adds interactive play.
If you have had some experience with K'NEX toys, then construction is fairly straightforward, but even without prior use, little time is needed to get acquainted. Patience is important, and a child that is determined to finish puzzles will take to this toy. The double ferris wheel provides hours of fun for the little builder in your life, however, with many small plastic pieces the manufacturer recommends this toy for ages eight and up. The motor requires two AA batteries to rotate, and these are not included. --Scott Teal