A Comedy Bluegrass and Celtic Music Show.

Big City Bluegrass is a Bluegrass and Celtic Music Show broadcast live from the Dry Gulch Saloon in Malibu California.  We are funded and ready to shoot our pilot! We have a magnificent set which is an exact, full-scale replica of an old-west saloon complete with stage and lots of theatrical lights throughout the location. It's nestled in an ocean-view box canyon deep in the Malibu Mountains.  Starring: Tony Handley & Vera Janischova

Big City Bluegrass!

"Hee Haw" meets "Austin City Limits"

When I was a kid, two of my favorite TV shows were "Hee Haw" and "Austin City Limits". We all remember those beloved and quirky residents of "Kornfield Kounty" like Roy Clark, Buck Owens, Minnie Pearl, Junior Samples, Grandpa Jones, Archie Campbell, as well as several others who brought joy to our hearts with every episode and we all jammed out to the great music and cutting edge artists who appeared every week on "Austin City Limits". Well, it is my privilege to introduce to you, Big City Bluegrass! a comedy Bluegrass and Celtic music show in the "SPIRIT" of these two great shows! Every episode will feature traditional Bluegrass, Gospel, and Celtic music along with the newest and most cutting-edge artists on the scene today! We will also have hilarious sketch comedy from the "Dry Gulch Players".

The Dry Gulch Players!
The Dry Gulch Players!

 The Dry Gulch Players are a quirky and eclectic bunch that you might say are... well... fresh-off the hay wagon!

Now, it's important to note that although, Big City Bluegrass is in the "SPIRIT" of "Hee Haw" and "Austin City Limits", it is in NO WAY based upon nor is it associated with these two great shows. Big City Bluegrass is its own separate show with its own separate 'VIBE". Big City Bluegrass is in NO WAY WHATSOEVER A REMAKE of either of these two shows.

In the long-term, we have BIG PLANS for Big City Bluegrass!

Here's our long-term business plan:

Big City Bluegrass Business Plan:

· Phase 1 - TV Show (Studio)

A TV Show that will be recorded at our studio in Woodland Hills, California. We have a great facility complete with a full, state-of-the-art editing bay and two awesome sound stages! One is a full green-screen sound stage and the other is a concert sound stage complete with over 200 available stage lights and near-perfect acoustics! We also have a magnificent location in the Malibu Mountains that is an exact replica of an Old West Saloon and is exclusive to our production!

Here's a few photos of our Malibu Location!


Here's an experimental episode and Dry Gulch Saloon location test for Big City Bluegrass.

Once the show is up and running, we will incorporate full HD video and 24-track stereo sound.

We will also switch to our true format which is Bluegrass, Gospel and Celtic music as well as sketch comedy from the Dry Gulch Players.

Experimental Episode & Location Test

Phase 2 - Stage Show (Las Vegas)

A Stage Show based upon and running in conjunction with the Television Show that will be performed in repertory at a Las Vegas Casino Theatre. Once the TV show is established and running on a cable TV network, we will then begin Phase 2 where fans of the TV show can experience Big City Bluegrass LIVE on stage!

· Phase 3 - Stage Show (Touring Company)

A Traveling Stage Show based upon and running in conjunction with the Television Show that will be performed in repertory and tour around the country. Once Phase 1 and Phase 2 are established, we will be taking Big City Bluegrass ON THE ROAD! 

*NOTE: "Big City Bluegrass"

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