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Freckles Liger

1/1/93 – 7/5/11

Freckles, the liger, arrived at Big Cat Rescue in December of 2008.  She was rescued, along with tigers Cookie and Alex, from a failed sanctuary known as Cougar Haven in Mississippi. Having been abandoned by her owner, surviving while many died around her, Freckles was finally rescued and brought to live her final years at Big Cat Rescue. 

Being a hybrid cross between a lion and a tiger, she had many genetic health issues to overcome. She also had a hole in her jaw that had gone untreated for a long time and all of her canine teeth were broken off.  She received the veterinary care she so desperately needed once she arrived at the sanctuary. 

Footage of her care and rescue can be viewed here:

Having survived so much in her life, she was finally free of her pain and suffering on July 5, 2011.

Founder Carole Baskin shared, “It always seems to be raining when a big cat has to be euthanized.  I guess it is the angels crying.  Crying for joy that another magnificent creature is finally freed of their chains and on their way home. Even though it makes the task so much harder, at least the rain helps hide the trails of tears on our own cheeks as we bid our beloved ones good-bye. All of the work we did to try and save Freckle's life was exactly a year ago and she got another good year of life from the effort.  Her neurological disease had progressed rapidly lately and we knew it was time to let her go.” 

Now, she is truly free.