AE Scenario Mod's

Last UPDATED March 30th, 2015 

All scenarios require Andrew Brown's Extended Map and DaBabe's New Asian Roads - files provided below (had Andrew produced this version of the map in time - it would be the official released map).
All scenarios require the new artwork
(files provided below.).
NOTE: Download and Update with the the Latest Official Patch First - THEN - Download the files below
Download the scenarios, and all art files below, and place where indicated.

Scenario list:
Scenario 191   Relief of Wake Island (Dec 16th - Dec 27th 1941).
Scenario 197   Grand Campaign Philippines Reinforced (Dec 7th 1941 - Mar 1946).
Scenario 198   Grand Campaign (Dec 8th 1941 - Mar 1946) This is equivalent to Stock Scenario 6.
Scenario 199   Grand Campaign (Dec 7th 1941 - Mar 1946) This is equivalent to Stock Scenario 1.
Basic Scenario Descriptions:

Standard scenario changes (all) - Grand Campaign - Scenario 198 & 199 Mod changes: 

Aircraft stats & maneuver ratings: modified using original AE  Dev Team Data, Original 2X3 UV/WitP Data, and WitP B-Mod Data. (also added Concentration Of Fire Bonus for Nate, Claude, and Oscar - so they may be useful in air combat).
Aircraft guns and weapon ranges: have been modified using exterior ballistics research for each gun type (a project I undertook during AE development - but unfortunately time ran out, and it was never instituted).
Important change - Air Combat has a maximum ceiling of 28,000 feet: (as strategic bombing and subsequent air combat above this altitude seldom occurred in the PTO. This will eliminate unrealistic High Altitude bouncing and general gameyness.  This forces both sides to operate within historical parameters).
Russian Aircraft: the LaGG-3 aircraft will begin being available to the Soviets at small rates in Dec 1941 instead of 1945, and the La-5FN will begin arriving in in Jan 1944 instead of 1945. This is historical (and less than 10% of Soviet production), and gives the Soviet Union some more advanced fighters (better than I-16) before 1945 - should the Japanese begin hostilities prior to 1945 activation.
New ship and aircraft  art:  new ship art as well as Cathartes new 'plane tops', Both Allied & Japanese, are included.
New warship stats (all nations): Made extensive use of Nathan Okun's WWII gun & armor Data; combined with new warship tonnage & durability characteristics, and fuel consumption records from US Navy.
British Carriers:  British Carriers will NOT withdraw until the second half of 1943 - in the same period that British Battleships do.  This was done because even though this game is sophisticated and complex, there is no game mechanism to trigger withdrawal only AFTER a Battle of Midway like event.
Allied units starting in the Philippines, DEI, Malaya, and Borneo: Units are free to move and relocate (except for large CD Guns), making strategic and tactical redeployment possible (the AI does this anyway) This will allow for a more flexible defense in their own areas of deployment. Starting Units on map have had their disablement's reduced to Historical levels.
China: has had its Hvy Art RGT's re-equipped with their missing 150mm & 122mm guns. Also, 14 Chinese Corps have been re-designated Central Army (better  equipped squads, higher morale and experience - less disruption) to recreate Chiang Kai Shek's reliable KMT Army. Chinese Warlord troops (static) added to Southern China. Chinese internal supply has been augmented.
Truk: the missing small submarine repair shipyard has been added.
No other OOB changes have been made to Grand Campaign Scenario 198 or 199.

Scenario 197 Grand Campaign, Philippines Reinforced (Dec 7 1941 - Mar 1946):
Grand Campaign, same as above, with
historically planned Reinforcements to the Philippines arriving by Dec 7th 1941.  Major reinforcements include 34th Inf RCT, 19th Bomb Group (B-17D), 5th Bomb Group (B-17D), 27th Bomb Group (A-24), 24th Pursuit Group (P-40E), 35th Pursuit Group (P-40E). See Scenario Description for full background and notes.
Scenario 191 Relief of Wake Island Dec 1941:
Brand new Small Map Scenario never done before. Dec 16 - Dec 27 1941, the US Navy's aborted attempt to relieve Wake Island.
Good for learning the game.  AI works fine, and can be played solo against the AI from either side.
Has the applicable standard changes above.

The artwork additions and Andrew Brown's Extended Map are not compatible with stock  - SO - make a separate install of WITP:AE.

When installing/extracting files - say YES to overwrite existing files.

Also - for spreadsheets on new aircraft maneuver schedules, and ship durability - they may be downloaded from the Work Bench Section of this site.

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This goes in the ART\AlliedShip_Back older   3806k v. 1 Mar 13, 2015, 11:44 AM Brian Wisher

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This goes in the Art / Allied Ship_Transp Folder   1114k v. 1 Mar 13, 2015, 11:45 AM Brian Wisher

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Andrew Brown's Extended Map. This map is necessary to play. The map.bmp files go in the ART Folder (10 files). The data (pw) files go in the WitP/AE root folder. See the Map ReadMeFirst.doc file for any questions.    18160k v. 1 Aug 13, 2013, 12:47 PM Brian Wisher

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This goes into the ART Folder. This Contains Aircraft Art.   2653k v. 1 Brian Wisher

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This goes in the Art/JapShip_Back folder   5846k v. 1 Mar 16, 2015, 4:51 PM Brian Wisher

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This goes into the Art / JapShipShills_transp Folder   590k v. 1 Mar 16, 2015, 4:52 PM Brian Wisher

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Scenario 191v7: Relief of Wake Island (December 16th - 27th 1941)...This goes in the SCEN Folder    841k v. 1 Brian Wisher

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Scenario 197v7: Grand Campaign Philippines Reinforced (December 7th)....This goes in the SCEN Folder   2342k v. 1 Brian Wisher

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Scenario 198v7: Grand Campaign (December 8th)....This goes in the SCEN Folder   2343k v. 1 Brian Wisher

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Scenario 199v7: Grand Campaign (December 7th)....This goes in the SCEN Folder   2345k v. 1 Brian Wisher