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free jonas brothers ringtones
    jonas brothers
  • Jonas Brothers is the self-titled second studio album and the international debut album released by the Jonas Brothers and their first album to be released under Hollywood Records. The album was released on August 7, 2007.
  • The Jonas Brothers are an American pop boy band. The band gained its popularity from the Disney Channel children's television network.
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jonas brothers concert(:
jonas brothers concert(:
i went to the jonas brothers concert, and it was probably, no no, it was the best show ive seen. i saw them last year, and that was amazing, so i thought i would be IMPOSSIABLE to top. i was wrong. alyson stoner performed a song, then the camp rock cast, then demi sang like 7 songs, which demi was amazing, im not a huge demi fan, but i love her music. she is flawless live. she sounds perfect. then after like a 30 minute wait, bounce started playing, and then jonas brothers came, there entrace was amazing, i dont want to say to much because people will go see it, but the opened with feeling alive. amazing, like there 3 of the most talented people ever. joe didnt smile to much, which was kind of a bummer, but he did amazing. now nick, smiled alot. during paraniod when he said "thats why my ex is still my ex" he made an 'x' with his arms and said yup xD it was so cute, then he smiled. his smile is more beautiful in person. i cried, which i rarely do at concerts. when the performed 'please be mine' i couldnt help it, they had the baby pictures going across the screen, old photos, all the things they did this year. you just feel really blessed to be a jonas fan. dani, momma and papa jonas, maya, and some of there other family/friends were in the vip seating, which was rite below mine, so i got to be close to them. i got close to jt before the show, they all seemed really amazing. now jemi, they did 2 songs together, and the camera did alot of 'single' shots, it seemed awkward and not the same as it use to be, but who wouldnt blame them. im so glad i got to see it, they sound just the same on cd's as they do live. i was worried it would be 'camp rock based' but it really wasnt. it all lead up to the jonas brothers songs, and they didnt even do that many 'jonas' or 'camp rock' songs. nick sang who i am, which was really touching. i cant get over how amazing he is. then.. joe and kevin wore muscel shirts most of the concert. and nick took off his jacket, and i died. you couldnt even imainge xD his arms are huge and he just seemed really happy. kevin did his guitar moves, never get over. im so so so glad i got to go. i recommened to go if you can. they covered baby you can drive my car, did amazing. only thing i didnt really like was they didnt have the round stage. i really liked that one xD but even if they didnt play albl, and a few other songs, you couldnt even tell. it all fit together really really well. not to long, not to short. perfect. it was beyond amazing, im speechless still :D btw, not my photo<3 credit to who ever
Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers: Jonas Brothers is an American pop rock band from New Jersey made up of three brothers: Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas. They have released three albums thus far. The band started as a solo project of Nick Jonas. When Nick was six years old, he was discovered while singing at a barber shop and was referred to a professional show business manager. In early 2005, Columbia Records' president, listened to Nick's record. After meeting with Nick and hearing the song, Please Be Mine written and performed by the brothers, Daylight/Columbia Records decided to sign the three as a group act. The brothers considered naming their group Sons of Jonas before settling on the name Jonas Brothers. The band is the first group in history to sell more than 100,000 digital downloads for three consecutive singles, all of which reached the #1 spot on iTunes.

free jonas brothers ringtones
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