1) Be active. That should be obvious but in every game there is some fool who takes the time to fill out an application yet gives 0% to the game. This game is what you all make of it. Be active with one another and with posting in your confessional. I am not going to be some host nazi that asks for a certain amount of posts per round but make sure you are consistently updating your confessional so I can get an idea of what's happening and you're able to look back after the game to get an idea of what you were thinking! If you plan on being away without internet access for more than two days, please make me aware.

2) The majority of challenges in this game are going to be live. That is because I believe it creates a more realistic game of Big Brother compared to drawn out challenges. If you don't show up for a challenge, it's like you are voluntarily sitting out. I am not going to penalize you if you miss a challenge here or there but you agree to these challenge stipulations once you submit your application. If I see you are blatantly blowing off challenges for no reason, I will sanction you appropriately. I am flexible so if there's an issue, tell me and I will do my best to accommodate you. 

3) There is no cheating on any challenges. That means no screenshot altering on any challenges that require a screenshot, no discussion of a semi-live individual challenge to give a person all the answers for your gain, or any other action that would be deemed as cheating. I have expelled players late into past games because it came to light that there was cheating occurring and I am not afraid to do the same in this game. Respect the game that I have planned out by playing fairly throughout. 

4) You are required to have an AOL Instant Messenger screen name to use during the duration of this game. If you have never used AIM before, you can download the latest version of the chat client at This will be your primary point of contact between yourself and the other houseguests as well as the medium where most live challenges will take place. Please acquaint yourself with AIM before the beginning of the game.

5) The format, twists, and challenges of the game have been pre-determined and will be implemented without any bias towards any potential houseguests. I have had this game planned since 2010 so trust me when I say this game has no favoritism. This game is going to have twists so be prepared for them and don't get huffy if something doesn't go your way.

6) This is a game and my mission is to make sure you have as much fun as possible. To do that, you have to respect me and the game I have planned. Like I said, I am doing this for you all. Don't disrespect me or my game because it took many days to plan it. I am here to have a good time like the rest of you. Nothing ruins that quicker than disrespect. Keep it to yourself or let it go because the game will play out as I plan and no arguments will change that.

7) By submitting an application for this game, you agree to all rules listed above. 

Please note that these rules may change based on the host's discretion